Two Faces of Puritanism:

John Winthrop and Oliver Cromwell

An educational experience in Cambridge, England and East Anglia in the Summer of 1999

Hi 510: John Winthrop and the Puritan Experiment in New England
Dr. Francis J. Bremer, Millersville University

Hi 511: Oliver Cromwell and the Puritan Revolution in England
Dr. John S. Morrill, Cambridge University

10-31 July 1999

In commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the birth of Oliver Cromwell and the 350th anniversary of the death of John Winthrop, the world's foremost authorities on the lives of these two Puritan leaders will offer a one-time integrated package of two courses on the world of Winthrop and Cromwell that will be open to undergraduate and graduate students. Students must register for both three credit courses. Academic credit will be granted by Millersville University. The course will consist of readings and discussions and that will be supplemented by guest lectures and by three day trips to sites relating to the rise of Puritanism and the battles of the English Civil Wars. Students will be housed at Selwyn College, Cambridge University.

For further information contact Dr. Francis J. Bremer at Millersville University:
Phone: 717-872-3548