Forgotten Passwords:

Log into Max. Choose Student Services. Choose Max Mobile. Verify and/or set up your text capable mobile phone number. Make sure you set your provider.

Changes made to the Max Mobile number can take up to 1 hour to become valid. It is recommended you wait at least an hour after making changes to your Max Mobile number before attempting to reset your MyVille password.

If you cannot log into Max or do not have a mobile number, please call the Help Desk at 717-871-7777.

Once the Max Mobile number is set:

Go to Myville.

In the upper right click Student / Forgot Password.

On the next page click Reset Password.

Enter your MyVille User Name and set the Account Type to Student.

The remaining steps will send a confirmation pin to your cell phone via text message. Once you enter the pin you'll be prompted to enter a new password. This password reset will change login credentials for Dorm and Lab logins, Wireless, D2L, MyVille, and MyVille Mail.

It will not affect Max or the legacy Marauder account.

If you have any questions feel free to email or call us at 717-871-7777. 

In order to change your MyVille password, do the following:

Go to the MU Homepage and click on the Myville link.

Look at the upper right Account Management block. Under Students click Change Password.

On the next page, again click Change Password.

Enter username and password.

Set the "Domain" to "Student."

If you have not already set up Max Mobile, you will be prompted to enter your mobile phone number. This will allow you to reset lost passwords via text message.

Click the Change Password tab if not already there. Enter your old password in the top box and create a new password in the lower 2 boxes.

Requirements are:

8 characters minimum.

Cannot contain a significant portion of your user name or the previous 3 passwords.

Must contain 3 of the following 4 elements: Upper case letter, lower case letter, number, special characters.

This should synchronize all your Myville accounts including D2L, Myville mail, wireless, Lab, and dorm logins.