My Courses Widget

The My Courses widget no longer automatically pins future courses; rather, the widget displays results by current enrollments or last activity in a non-pinned state. Users can continue to manually pin courses as appropriate for their purposes.

Exemptions - Additional launch points

This feature provides instructors the ability to launch the Manage Exemptions page from the following tools:

The Assignments tool: 
- On the Assignment Submission Folders page, in the context menu of an assignment folder
- On the Assignments page as a button at the top of the page

The Discussions tool:
- On the Discussions List page, in the context menu of a topic
- On the View Topic page, in the context menu beside the topic name
- On the Assess Topic page as a button at the top of the page

The Quizzes tool:
- On the Manage Quizzes page, in the context menu of a quiz
- On the Grade Quiz page as a button at the top of the page

HTML Editor - Advanced image editing

Users can now edit images in place (including flipping, rotating, and adjusting brightness, sharpness, and color), edit the image description, and edit the size of the image. Image changes save to Manage Files, or, depending on user permissions, as new file attachments to the item (such as Discussions) every time a change is made. Multiple edits will create multiple items.

Question Library - New question import workflow (This change was communicated in the January Update Notification.)

This feature adds new ways for instructors to search the Question Library when adding questions to a quiz. Using a slide in panel featuring the questions in a tree structure enables easy navigation of questions to be added to quizzes. The ability to sort questions by their source collection, question type, points value, and question text has also been added.

Quicklinks - Self-Enrollment Groups link

Instructors can now insert a Quicklink to self-enrolling groups. This update provides learners a direct path to sign up for their group and a new Group Self-Enrollment screen.

Quizzes - Due Dates Available

To improve the consistency of dates across tools in Brightspace Learning Environment, due dates are available for quizzes. This allows instructors to better communicate when quizzes are due, and better identify when a learner submits a quiz late. This change impacts when quizzes are marked as late. A quiz is now considered late if it is submitted after the due date is reached. Previously, ‘late’ referred to attempts submitted after the time limit of an ‘enforced time limit’ quiz was exceeded. Quizzes submitted after the due date are labeled ‘submitted late’. Quizzes submitted after the time limit is reached are now labeled as ‘exceeded time limit’.

Intelligent Agents

  • A link to the Intelligent Agents tool can now be found on the Communication drop down menu within a course. Only instructors can see and access this link.
  • A link to the Intelligent Agents tool can now be found on the Class Progress page.

Question Library

  • The workflow for importing questions from the Question Library to place on a Quiz has been updated.
    • The option to "Browse Question Library" now appears under the Import button when adding questions to a Quiz.
    • The Browse Question Library feature appears as a slide in panel with the library questions arranged in a tree structure.
    • The Browse Question Library panel allows instructors to sort and/or filter questions by their source collection, question type, points value, and question text.


  • Confirmation buttons to start and submit a quiz have been removed.
    • When students click "Start" on the quiz instruction screen, they are taken directly to the quiz and do not have to click OK to commence the quiz.
    • When students complete a quiz and click "Go to Submit Quiz", they are taken to the Quiz Submission Confirmation screen where they can either submit the quiz or return to one of the quiz questions using the Quiz Info menu.

There are no feature or tool changes being made to the Millersville D2L system on Friday December 21 2017 that will affect students or instructors.

There are no feature or tool changes being made to the Millersville D2L system on Friday November 17, 2017 that will affect students or instructors.

There were no feature or tool changes made to our D2L system in October that affected students or instructors.


  • Assignments folders now have a "draft" visibility status, just like Quizzes "inactive" status and Content "draft" status. When an instructor creates a new assignment folder, the new folder defaults to the draft visibility state, meaning that students cannot yet see the folder. Instructors may change the "hidden" status of assignment folders by either unchecking "hidden from users" on the "Restrictions" tab while editing the folder or by selecting "Make Visible to Users" from the drop down option menu next to an Assignment folder name on the list of folders at Assignments.
  • The new draft visibility status will allow for consistency between Assignment folders added as activities at Content and the visibility of the same folder at Assignments; if a folder is hidden on the Assignments list, that folder will appear as "in draft" when added as a Content Topic.
  • A closed eye icon will appear next to the name of a hidden folder on the Assignment folder list for easy identification of hidden folders.


  • Icons reflecting the type of file will (once again) appear next to Topics in Content. These icons are visible in the main Table of Contents view, the Module Content view, and the Table of Contents fly-out menu when viewing a topic or activity. (Icons were already visible in the Content Browser Widget).


For all D2L issues or requests for training/support please contact the Help Desk at 717.871-7777 or submit your own help desk request at

HTML Editor

  • When you make changes using the editor at Content, Discussions, or Assignments and attempt to navigate away or close the browser or tab without saving your changes, a message will now prompt you to discard your changes or resume editing.


  • Instructors can now shuffle the order of all questions in quizzes or specific groups of questions (sections) in quizzes. For example, an instructor could shuffle questions 1-10 in a quiz, or shuffle questions 3-10 (grouping those questions into a section) and retain the order of questions 1-2 at the start of the quiz.

Millersville enabled the Daylight experience for the D2L environment on Monday June 12th.

  • The Daylight experience is a more response design; users will have a more consistent experience when accessing D2L with different devices.
  • The use of white space and simplified icons improves accessibility.
  • Images used as course tiles now enable a quick visual reference for access to courses; the images persist as the corresponding course homepage banner.
  • Announcements at the University level will no longer display announcements created in individual courses. Course announcements still trigger notifications (if enabled) and will be displayed on course homepages.

There are no additional feature or tool changes being made to the Millersville D2L system on Friday June 16, 2016 that will affect students or instructors.


  • Instructors using "Group or section topic" type discussions now have the option to post a thread to all groups within the topic or for individual groups within the topic.
Collaborate Ultra and Chrome Version 58 Error

Collaborate Ultra and Chrome Version 58 Error

There is currently an issue with the latest version of Chrome and Collaborate Ultra.

Sessions that include a user sharing their video for more than ~30 minutes can expect their browsers to freeze/crash.

Until the issue is fixed we recommend using the FireFox browser.

The full details can be viewed at:

HTML Editor

  • A preview of math equations is now displayed inline when using the Math Editor to create quiz questions.
  • An accessibility checker is now available within the editor.  The checker is accessed by clicking on an eye with checkmark in the bottom right of the editor. After content is added to the editor, a user can click the checker to ensure that the HTML page conforms to WCAG and Section 508 accessibility standards. The checker reviews the structure of the HTML page and either indicates that there are no issues, or offers suggestions to fix identified accessibility issues.


  • "Long Answer" type question has been renamed "Written Response".


You're invited!

The annual RECAP Technology Conference for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, will be held on Thursday, May 18th, in West Chester University’s Business and Public Management Center.

For the past 21 years, faculty, instructional designers, and IT professionals from Delaware, New Jersey, and throughout Pennsylvania have gathered to express their creative ideas and to share best practices.

We invite you to join us for a day of inspiring sessions, insightful keynote, and an opportunity to connect with other higher education professionals from the region. Sessions will follow four major themes: Ed Tech Exploration, Classroom Technology, Course Design, and Learning Assessment.

Don't delay, registration closes May 12th!



The RECAP Planning Committee




Update - Resolved

Technicians at D2L have resolved this problem. Students, instructors, and staff may post in D2L discussions again.


Attempts to post in D2L discussions fail with the display of an error message stating, "Error: unable to complete your request."

Technicians at D2L are investigating this problem and will work to fix it as quickly as possible.

Beginning Date

  • March 21, 2017
  • 9:00 a.m. Eastern

Ending Date

  • March 21, 2017
  • 11:45 a.m. Eastern

Campus Impact

Students, instructors, and staff cannot post in D2L discussions.

Please contact the Help Desk at (717) 871-7777 or if you have any questions.


  • Instructors may now exempt learners from multiple grade items at one time using the grade exemption workflow: At Enter Grades, click on a learners name. Then use the menu next to the learners name at the top of the page to select Bulk edit exemptions. Select grade items for exemption and click save.


You may now use MAX to request Summer 1, Summer 2, Summer 3, and Fall 2017 D2L course shells.

  • The instructions for requesting courses are available in the D2L Resources wiki.
  • As you make a course request in MAX, the D2L Course tool there will present you with a default name for your new shell, and at that time, you can adjust the name as you like. If you accidentally skip that renaming opportunity, or decide upon a better name later, you can rename your course shell right from within D2L.
  • If you want to combine two or more sections (CRNs) into a single D2L course shell, please use the combined course request option in MAX's D2L Course tool. Attempting to combine shells after they have been created will take days away from the time you have to work on building your course and may force you to re-upload or recreate course materials.
  • While the D2L Course tool in MAX won't let you and a colleague combine your sections into one D2L course shell, the help desk can assist with that. So, if you want to combine sections with a colleague, please do not request independent shells using MAX. Instead contact the IT help desk with your request.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the IT help desk.

HTML Editor

  • When equations are inserted into the HTML Editor, instructors can now see the equations inline while they are editing their work.


  • The interface for creating or editing Short Answer type questions has been redesigned.