D2L tools and button titles being renamed:

  • “News” is changing to “Announcements”
  • “Dropbox” is changing to “Assignments”
  • “Edit Course” is changing to “Course Admin”
  • In Content, “New” button is changing to “Upload/Create”
  • In Content, “Add Existing Activities” button is changing to “Existing Activities”


  • For Rubrics attached to Discussion, the Overall Rubric Score will now automatically transfer to Discussion Overall Score when the Rubric is saved. Instructors may manually edit the Discussion Overall Score to over ride transferred scores.
  • A “Sum of Post Scores” option has been added to the selection for Calculation Method for assessing discussions.


  • Instructors may now specify a different number of Quiz attempts for individual students under the options for “Special Access”.
  • When taking a quiz, selected answers are now displayed as a highlighted row, rather than just a filled in bubble.

HTML Editor

  • Tables cut and pasted from MS Excel will now display correct table structure (rows and columns) in D2L HTML editor.

Millersville will be transitioning to updated versions for a trio of tools currently integrated with D2L. During the 2016 Summer and Fall semesters, both old and updated versions will be enabled simultaneously. Users may choose to use the current version or the updated version. Please note that instructors may need to clearly communicate to students which version they are using as both options will be visible simultaneously.


December 21st 2016 the old versions will be disabled and will no longer be available to users. At that time the updated versions will be the only option available. Instructors will need to update assignment explanations accordingly.  


Turnitin Markup Viewer

Beginning May 20th instructors using Turnitin for Dropbox Assignments may chose between the current Turnitin Classic Viewer or an updated “Feedback Studio”. Users may locate options within the viewer to “Try the new Turnitin” as well as “Return to Turnitin Classic”. Both views will be available throughout the Summer and Fall Semesters. The Classic Viewer will be turned off on December 21st 2016.



Beginning May 1st instructors may choose to use Collaborate Classic, the current tool integrated with D2L for creating Online Rooms. Or instructors may choose to create rooms using a new Collaborate Ultra. Both options will be available throughout the Summer and Fall Semesters. Collaborate classic will be disabled December 21st 2016.


MU Video

Currently MU Video users may capture video using the “Screen Recording” option on the Add New menu. Or users may also use the screen recording feature within the “Capture Space” application downloaded from the Add New menu. Both features will continue to be available throughout the Summer and Fall Semesters. The single feature “Screen Recording option will be disabled December 21st 2016.


Please contact the IT Help Desk at 871-7777 or to request training or support for any of these tools.

Be excellent to each other!

D2L Not Accessible

UPDATE: As of 4 p.m. Eastern, it appears technicians at the network provider resolved the routing problem. D2L is accessible from the Millersville campus, as well as other locations, again. Technicians at D2L and from Millersville University's Information Technology department continue to monitor the system.

Original Incident

The D2L system is currently not accessible from the Millersville campus. This is due to technical problems at a network provider between Millersville and D2L's data center.

The D2L system has not crashed, remains online, and has not lost any work or data that was saved prior to the start of the network problem. The network problem exists outside of D2L's, and Millersville's, network and blocks access to D2L from many parts of North America, including Millersville.

Technicians at the network provider's facility are working to correct the problem.

There are no feature or tool changes being made to the Millersville D2L system on Friday April 22nd 2016 that will affect students or instructors.


  • New "Export Event Logs" button on the "Grade Quiz" page enables instructors to export the quiz event log of all quiz attempts made by learners of a quiz to a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file for offline analysis. The IP address of all users' actions is included in the event log.


  • New look and feel for Rubrics when assessing from Discussions.


You may now use MAX to request Summer and Fall 2016 D2L course shells.

  • The instructions for requesting courses are available in the D2L Resources wiki.
  • As you make a course request in MAX, the D2L Course tool there will present you with a default name for your new shell, and at that time, you can adjust the name as you like. If you accidentally skip that renaming opportunity, or decide upon a better name later, you can rename your course shell right from within D2L.
  • If you want to combine two or more sections (CRNs) into a single D2L course shell, please use the combined course request option in MAX's D2L Course tool. Attempting to combine shells after they have been created will take days away from the time you have to work on building your course and may force you to re-upload or recreate course materials.
  • While the D2L Course tool in MAX won't let you and a colleague combine your sections into one D2L course shell, the help desk can assist with that. So, if you want to combine sections with a colleague, please do not request independent shells using MAX. Instead contact the help desk with your request.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the help desk.

Due to scheduled maintenance by technicians at the Turnitin company, Turnitin services–including Plagiarism Detection and GradeMark–may be intermittently unavailable from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Eastern on Saturday, March 5. This will affect the Turnitin portions of the Dropbox tool in D2L.

Instructors: Turnitin recommend you schedule Dropbox assignments to end either before or several hours after the maintenance period.

Within D2L only the Dropbox tool, and more specifically the Turnitin-enhanced portions of it, will be affected by this Turnitin maintenance. Other parts of D2L will not be affected.

Release Conditions

  • Release Conditions can now be set for NOT completing certain activities. These new Release Conditions may be used anywhere in D2L where the Release Conditions feature is supported, including as condition for trigger of Intelligent Agents. Please note: It is advised that if you are creating an Intelligent Agent based upon a Release Condition of NOT completing an activity you should use an agent Schedule and set both Start and End dates on the Schedule.


  • When viewing Dropbox submissions the "Next Student" button will now correctly advance to the next student on the user list. (Previously the "Next Student" button was incorrectly advancing to a student based upon an ID number making it appear as if the advancement went to a random user.)

Special Access

  • Date fields on Special Access screen will now auto fill with dates already set for the activity to which Special Access is being added.

Supported Browsers

New this semester in MU Video, CaptureSpace Lite provides easy recording and publishing of audio, webcam video, and on-screen content in various combinations to suit many needs: course assignments, presentations, feedback, training, lecture capture, and more. CaptureSpace Lite is available to the entire campus community: students, faculty, staff, and administrators.

Kaltura, the company that makes CaptureSpace Lite and the software that powers MU Video, will offer free, online CaptureSpace Lite training on two upcoming Thursdays in February:

Please follow the links above to register for these free sessions.

The sessions will be led by employees of Kaltura Inc. and will not be attended exclusively by Millersville community members, so the training will not be Millersville-specific.

If you cannot attend the above sessions; would like more information about CaptureSpace Lite or MU Video; or have Millersville-specific questions regarding CaptureSpace Lite, please contact Millersville's IT Help Desk.


Due to scheduled maintenance, Blackboard Collaborate will be unavailable from 10:00 p.m. to at least 10:30 p.m. Eastern on Saturday, February 6. During the maintenance period, you will not be able to:

  • join Blackboard Collaborate sessions
  • continue to work in Blackboard Collaborate sessions you joined prior to the maintenance period

Blackboard anticipate they will complete all necessary maintenance within the half hour period. However, should Blackboard encounter unexpected difficulties during the maintenance process, they may extend the maintenance window.

The D2L system will not be affected by this Blackboard Collaborate maintenance. Only Blackboard Collaborate—available from within D2L's Online Rooms tool—will be affected.

February 15th - February 26th

For the past six years, Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education has presented Transforming the Teaching & Learning Environment, a totally virtual conference. Join us starting February 15, 2016 for our 7th annual edition. Over the course of two weeks we present 60 one-hour sessions. Each session is live and interactive. You’ll have the opportunity to engage with education professionals from all over the world. Topics have ranged from gamification to academic integrity to new technologies to many more.


  • PASSHE Faculty or Staff Registration: free

Schedule of sessions (PDF):


A Technology Conference for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Thursday, May 12, 2016

8:00am - 4:30pm

West Chester University | Sykes Student Union

An annual event for sharing, demonstrating and discussing innovative uses of technology to facilitate teaching and learning in higher education.

  • An excellent opportunity to meet with colleagues, collaborate, learn about technology and take away new ideas to try.
  • Sessions are presented by faculty and by staff who support technology for teaching and learning from West Chester University, Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education and local area universities.
  • Conference session themes reflect trends and current topics of interest.
  • Sponsored by West Chester University’s Information Services Division since 1996.

RECAP The RECAP Conference Planning and Content Teams


 Follow @RECAPConference



At this time a bug in D2L disrupts the display to instructors of special access times for quizzes. This bug will be fixed by the next continuous improvement update of D2L, scheduled for Friday, February 19, 2016.

When entering times for special access to a quiz, enter the times as you want them. After you save the special access, the times will display to you incorrectly–off by five hours–but D2L has actually saved the correct time.

For students taking the quiz, D2L will use the times you enter and save, not the times it displays to you after saving.


This bug is due to a mistake in the way D2L handles time zones while displaying quiz special access times to instructors. Though the page into which you enter special access times asks for the times in Eastern Standard Time (EST), and saves them that way, D2L shows the times in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC), which is five hours different from EST.

PowToon have added a new option to record a voice over for each individual slide. Or, instead of recording directly in PowToon, you may attach a pre-recorded voice over, or other sound file, to each slide.

Please see the video below for more information.

If the does not appear above, you can watch it on YouTube.


D2L, Inc. have cancelled the scheduled, monthly maintenance periods for December and January.


Upcoming monthly maintenance dates:

  • December 13, 2015 (cancelled)
  • January 10, 2016 (cancelled)
  • February 14, 2016
  • March 13, 2016
  • April 10, 2016
  • May 8, 2016