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What's new in Listserv 16.0?

Active Directory Authentication

  • Due to improved security in the way Listserv stores user passwords, passwords set in the old Listserv have not been retained.
  • Millersville University employees and students can now login with their email address and password and do not need to have a separate Listserv password.
  • Listserv users that are not associated with Millersville University will need to set up a new Listserv password for their email address.
  • See Logging in for instructions.

Web Interface

Easier Customization
  • The web interface has an improved design allowing for easier customization. See Customizing Listserv for more information.
Message Scheduling
  • Messages can be scheduled to be delivered at a specific time and date. See Scheduled messages for more information.
Test Messages
  • You can send a test message to yourself to make sure that you are happy with the presentation of the email message before sending it to the entire list. See Send a test message for more information.
Content Analysis
  • Message content can be analyzed before sending to determine the likelihood that it could be flagged as spam, giving you the ability to make adjustments before sending. See Content analysis for more information.
Getting Help

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