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UPDATE on 20 Feb 2014, 11:05am Eastern: This issue has been resolved. Desire2Learn logins are working again.

At this time, an error message will appear when you try to log in to Desire2Learn. The error message will be, "An unexpected error has occurred".

Millersville University and Desire2Learn are currently updating the security certificate that protects your password when you log in to Desire2Learn. Until the new certificate is copied to every server involved in the login process, logins will fail with the error message above.

The Desire2Learn system is still online, and anyone who is already logged in will be able to continue to use Desire2Learn. No course content, student data, or grades will be lost or impacted by this certificate update or login error. Only new login attempts are affected.

Technical support staff at Millersville and Desire2Learn are working to complete the certificate update process as quickly as possible.