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  • Assignment folders may now be associated with "Select Box" type Grade Items in addition to "Numeric" type Grade Items
    • When grading an assignment through Assignments, Quick Eval, or Grades, the evaluator (for a select box type) is shown a dropdown menu with the associated grade scheme levels.
    • Grade Schemes used for Select Box type items have also been reordered so that the highest grade, rather than the lowest, defaults to the top of the list
  • The Assignments page shows a count of new submissions and resubmissions in the New column
  • File size information for submissions now displays next to the file name in the submission receipt email sent to learners upon making a submission to an assignment submission folder.
  • A new column that displays Submission ID information is visible to learners on the View Feedback page in Assignments.

Intelligent Agents

  • Instructors can now insert images directly into the body of intelligent agent emails using the Add Image button in the HTML editor. The images are attached to the email and shown in place when viewed in the recipient's external mail client.


  • Instructors may now save quiz feedback "as draft".
  • On the quiz evaluation page, the Graded (G) checkbox and Save button have been replaced by the Publish and Save Draft buttons.

Release Conditions

  • Learners are now notified using a pop-up message when they trigger a release condition that releases new Content.