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Assessing Assignments and Quizzes

  • When evaluating an assignment submission or a quiz submission, the user interface has been updated slightly. The Next Student and Previous Student buttons above the submission and learner information have been replaced by forward and back chevrons that display in the immersive navigation bar. Previously, these buttons were displayed across the entire width of the page. The information on which user you are evaluating (e.g. 1 of 12) now displays between the back and forward chevrons.

Intelligent Agents

  • You can now add attachments to automated email messages when creating and editing intelligent agents. File attachments are limited to 10 MB.

Entire Learning Environment

To provide a more consistent experience, there have been changes to update the language, interface controls, and workflows throughout Brightspace Learning Environment.

  • The visibility control now uses a checkbox with the consistent terminology Hide from users in all instances. This change affects the Assignments, Discussions, Quizzes, Surveys, and Grades (grade item and grade category) tools.
  • In Discussions, the Visibility, Availability Dates, and Locking options move from the Properties tab to the Restrictions tab.
  • In Content, the Hide from users and Make Visible to users options are available in the context menus for topics and modules in the table of contents, and in the context menus of topics on the topics’ detail page. This option replaces the "Save as Draft" status. All Content topics should be "saved" and then set to "Hide from Users" from the context menu for that topic.

  • All common activity icons appear before tool-specific icons.
  • There is now only one Special Access icon in Quizzes (previously there were two, one for each type of Special Access). The Special Access icon also now appears in Assignments where it previously did not.
  • All icons have been updated to the Daylight style (except the Bonus Grade item, which will be done in a future release).
  • The Exemptions icon now appears on the list pages.

  • In the Grade book, on the context menu for a grade item, the Grade All option is now Enter Grades.

Supported Browsers

  • Starting January 2020, Brightspace Learning Environment will no longer support Internet Explorer.