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Join the Employee Wellness


Register your team (12 member maximum) by emailing with your Team Name, Captain's Email Address, and a page will be created so that teammates can be added by the captain. If you need a team, we will find you one.


Committee in the 12th Annual Take A Hike.  This is our team challenge with self tracking mileage. This year's theme is focusing on the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China.  We will hike from Beijing to Harbin to check out the Annual International Ice Festival.  As the spring approaches we will continue our hike down to Shanghai to stop at a number of tourist spots and the beautiful gardens that the city is known for.  We will begin our hike on Monday, February 21st and conclude on Sunday, May 1st. 

Please go to the to 12th Annual Take A Hike - Registration for Team Captains and Free Agents form to register as a "Free Agent" or to register a team.

Tips for Success:

 Goal - 10,000 steps or five miles daily