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The various institutions, loosely defined, involved in this project include the Lancaster County Historical Society (LCHS), the Christiana Historical Society, Bethel Harambee Historical Services, Inc. of Bethel AME Church of Lancaster, PA, the Bureau for Historic Preservation of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (BHP/PHMC), and the American Social History Projects' New Media Classroom Program (ASHP/NMC). Click on the highlighted text above to find out more about that institution's involvement.


The primary participating libraries and library personnel are listed below.
Library System of Lancaster County Administration
Mary Ellen Pennington, Executive Director
Renee Christiansen
Christiana Public Library (Moores Memorial Library)
Claudia Roun
Click here to access the online archive of the Christiana Resistance Collection held by the Moores Memorial Library
Columbia Public Library
Joanne Stecz
Lancaster Area Library
Quarryville Public Library
Katrina Anderson