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  1. Students should complete the following fields on their answer sheet:
    1. Last Name
    2. First Initial (FI)
    3. Middle Initial (MI)
    4. M Number (Student No)
    5. Course
    6. Section (Sec)

  2. Students should then fill-in their answers to How to take the test questions:
    1. For easier Marking tools:
      1. For ease of processing, it is suggested that students use
      1. black or blue ball point pen to fill-in their answer sheets.
      2. Pencil can be used but should not be the first choice. 
      3. Felt tip pens should be avoided because of possible bleeding through the paper as well as stray marks transferring to other pages.
        1. We prefer pen over pencil because some pencil marks that are too light might be read as blank. If a student wants to use pencil, please remind them to

      4. make the marks
        1. take extra care to make sure all marks are dark and distinct.

    2. Typically, there will be only one correct answer per question. (For multiple answer solutions, see Additional Options for Faculty)

    3. If an unwanted answer is selected, a change can be made by crossing out the unwanted answer with an X, and then filling-in the correct answer.  If a student does this multiple times in a question, the answer will may be flagged as an error. If the desired answer is obvious, Information Technology will change the answer to the desired item.
    4. Information technology manually reviews every test for errors and inconsistencies. Any concerns will be brought to the attention of the professor.

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