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h1. New Computers on Campus
h4. In this section...

* [Did you bring a new computer?|#new-computer]
* [Did you run Windows Update?|#windows-update]
* [Do you have your computer?|#computer]
* [Do you have your power cord?|#power-cord]
* [Do you have a surge protector?|#surge-protector]
* [Do you have a carrying case?|#case]
* [Do you have a lock?|#lock]
* [Do you need a Switch\/hub?|#lock]
* [Do you have a Network cord?|#network-cord]
* [Do you need access to Internet?|#computer]

h4. Did you bring a new computer?

Although Millersville has no university-wide requirement to own one, most students do and find it a tremendous help. If you decide to bring a computer from home or if you are in the market to buy one, view our [*Purchasing a New Computer - Students*|Purchasing a New Computer - Students] page to help ensure that you have the right stuff.

h4. Run Windows updates?
{anchor:windows-update}One of the first things that you will be asked to do when you connect your computer to our network is to run windows updates. It is important to keep your computer up to date with the latest patches and updates. Updating your computer before you come to school will reduce the amount of time that it takes to get connected in the dorms.For more detailed instructions on how to update your Windows Computer click *[HERE|]*

h4. Do you have your computer?
{anchor:computer}Having a computer on campus is not required but may be beneficial. If you have yet to purchase a computer click HERE to see what Millersville recommends.

h4. Do you have your computer and want to connect to the Internet?

Click *[HERE|ittac:ResNet Getting Connected to the Dorm Network]* for instructions on how to connect to the dorm network.


h4. Do you have your power cord?

Since you will be packing a lot of things to come to campus, small things like power cords tend to be forgotten.


{anchor:power-cord}{anchor:surge-protector}h4. h4. Do you have a surge protector?

Not only are they great for protecting your electronics from random surges, they also help to increase the number of outlets in your dorm room.

{anchor:case}There are many different choices available for purchase. Backpacks with integrated laptop storage are always a popular choice.

h4. Do you have a lock?
{anchor:lock}No matter where you are there is always the possibility that your computer could be stolen. Whether you are out in class, in a lab, or even in your dorm room. SafetyNet recommends purchasing a lock for your computer. For more information about the types of computer locks click HERE.

h4. Do you need a Switch/hub?
{anchor:switch-hub}A switch is a little device that will increase the number of network jacks in your room. Chances are if you are living in a triple or a quad dorm room, you will need one. These devices are available from SafetyNet and can be signed out for the semester. If you are in a standard room and want to hook up your x-box or playstation, then you will need to go out and purchase one. If you decide to purchase one, please make sure that it says switch or hub on the box. If it says ROUTER or WIRELESS ROUTER, DO NOT bring it to campus. They are considered a security risk and are prohibited.

h4. Do you have a Network Cord?
{anchor:network-hub}If you live in a dorm you are going to need a network cord to connect to the internet. We recommend a cord of about 25 to 50 feet in length. The network jacks in your room will be together on one side of your room and you may want your computer on the other side.  If you do not know what a network cord is click [HERE|] for more information.


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