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Religious Writings

A volume of religious writings is in the process of being prepared for publication. This includes new editions of some materials previously made available as well as manuscripts previously unpublished. The materials available on this web site are works in progress. They may not be quoted, reprinted, or cited without the written permission of Dr. Francis J. Bremer, Editor of the Winthrop Papers and of the Massachusetts Historical Society.

As projected the volume will include an introduction that will trace the Winthrop involvement with religious issues through the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. This will include calendared references and excerpts to manuscripts relevant to William Winthrop (1529-1582), including manuscripts given to John Foxe for preparation his martyrology, and minutes of the French and Italian Stranger churches in London, with which Winthrop was involved. The volume will contain the complete religious memoranda of Henry Browne, Governor John Winthrop's grandfather. There will be a substantial amount of material from the Governor's father, Adam Winthrop, including sermon notes and notes on the principles of the Christian relgion. The bulk of the volume will consist of writings of John Winthrop, including ;a sermon notebook which he maintained in the years shortly before his departure for New England. The editor welcomes questions, comments, and suggestions regarding these manuscripts as well as suggestions on other materials that might be included in the projected volume.

Materials now available

  • Religious Memoranda of Henry Browne
  • John Winthrop's "Experiencia"
  • John Winthrop's "Christian Experience"