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A parallel effort has been the tracking down of the libraries of John Winthrop and his father, Adam. I have to date identified over fifty books that can be demonstrated to have belonged to Adam Winthrop. Most of these still survive and I have examined them at the Massachusetts Historical Society, the New York Society, Harvard University and elsewhere. A large number of Winthrop books were donated to Allegheny College by James Winthrop in the early nineteenth century and I am planning a trip to examine that collection. Books that Adam Winthrop usually contain his signature, but commonly also include marginalia and extended essays on the fly leaves which provide insight into the man and his views.

Winthrop on the Internet

For those of you who have access to the Internet, copies of this newsletter, updates on the projects, and some of the preliminary transcripts that await eventual publication will be made available electronically at

The Letters of Robert C. Winthrop