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A: Books with clear evidence of being Adam Winthrop's

Wiki Markup
Bound together The Book of Common Prayer (1615); John Speed's The Genealoggies 66of the Scriptures (1611); The Bible (OT 1614; NT 1615), Two Concordances by R. F. Herry \[?|?\] (1619) & The Psalms set to music by Sternhold & Hopkins (1618)

– handwritten notes by AW

-- handwritten notes by AW

Alanus de Insulis, Anticlaudiani Singulari (Basel, 1536)
– AW identification of author on title page & some notes


Dorn, Gerard, Monarchia Triadis in Unitate, Soli Deo Sacra (n d)
– signature of AW and "monarchia Dorn" written on fly leaf
NYS: 87

Wiki Markup
Dubravius, Janus, A new booke of good husbandry ... conteining the Order and maner of making fish pondes, with the breeding, preserving and multiplying of the Carpe, Tench, Pike, and Trout written in Latin by Ianus Dubravius and translated into English at the request of George Churchez \[?|?\] (1599)

– 2

-- 2 copies, in one last p missing & supplied in handrwiting of AW


Du Jon, Francois, ?
– in notes to #45 above AW writes that "Mr Francis Junius wrote analysis in Latine of this prophet which I have"; (the prophet Jonas? or Abdias?): check Du Jon's De Peccato primo Adami (1595) or Sacrorum parallelorum libri tres (2nd ed 1590); see also references B 11-17 below)
NYS: 122


The Doctrine of the Bible; or Rules of Discipline. Briefly gathered through the whole course of the Scripture, by way of Questions & Answeres (London, 1616?) – correct title? date?
– in his notes in Walther's Homilies above AW writes "In the Doctrine of the bible by Questions & Answeres, this booke is unfolded, fol: 142"
see NYS: 122

Wiki Markup
 \[\_____\_|______\], ?De Unione Britaniae
– shown to AW by H Munning in 1604
-- shown to AW by H Munning in 1604
WP, I:85

The Calendar of Scripture Whearin the Hebru, Chaldien, Arabian, Phenician, Syrian, Persian, Greek, and Latin names of Nations, Cuntreys, Men ... mentioned, by order of letters are set and turned into our English toungue (1575)
– on title page "William Robinson" in 16th or 17th c hand; "Explicit" in what looks like hand of AW; also possible since bound with B25