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Page: Computer Labs
Computer Labs on Campus \\ !includeimagesMUspiritmark.jpg thumbnail,width=100! Hours: The labs are frequently reserved for classes, during which they are not available for general use.  Computer labs are closed during official university holidays and semester breaks. As a general rule, labs ...
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Page: Departmental Websites
Millersville University website is currently maintained using a Content Management System (CMS). Each department and administrative unit gets a web address on the domain. Benefits Content style, page structure and navigation are automatically assigned using ...
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Page: Emergency Notification
Overview In the event of an emergency, the automated MU Alert system updates the University community by phone, text message, and email. Requirements Available To: Students, Faculty, Staff Key Features: MU Alert lets you know what is happening, when ...
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Page: Employee Accounts Overview
Overview We provide you with a wide variety of technology services and computing resources to support your work. Before you can take advantage of these services, you must have a Millersville username and password. Your Millersville username and password are used ...
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Page: Employee Email Overview
Overview The University’s Microsoft Exchange server offers comprehensive email and calendaring services to faculty and staff. Requirements Available to: Faculty, Staff An account authorized for email access Must have a current and active status with the University, determined and verified by Human ...
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Page: Employee Telephone Overview
Millersville is in the process of upgrading our phone system to a VOIP solution. Please refer to our VOIP project page ittac:VoIP (Voice over IP) Telephones for further information and additional documentation. Phone Types Millersville University uses four ...
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Page: Personal and Research Websites
Blogs @ Millersville Getting Started Create a new blog or visit the Blogs @ Millersville knowledgebase mublogs:Home. Wikis @ Millersville A wiki is a website that allows users to easily create and manage any number of interlinked web pages ...
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Page: Purchasing a New Computer - Students
Computer Buying & Suggested Specifications Information Technology recommends purchasing from a major brand such as Lenovo, Apple, Dell, Toshiba etc. When you purchase from a large vendor you usually have better warranty support in case your ...
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Page: Smart Classrooms

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Page: Student Accounts Overview
Overview Every Millersville student automatically gets a Millersville username and myVILLE email account upon admission to the University. Residence Hall students must have a valid Millersville username to access the internet from their dorm room, as will all students using ...
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