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Page: iclicker FAQ
i>clicker Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) cloak.toggle.type = default cloak.memory.duration = 3 What is i>clicker? i>clicker is a classroom response system. It allows all the students in a classroom to answer questions the instructor poses during a class session. For answers ...
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Page: New Students
Have questions?  Check out the links below\! What Students Need to Know About Bringing a Computer to Campus myVILLE Tech Keeping You Connected ittac:myVILLE Tech Keeping You Connected PC Computer Lab Tips ...
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Page: Student Accounts FAQs
What is my username? Usernames are created using your first initial, your middle initial, and the first 6 characters of your last name. If you have no middle initial, use the first two letters of your first name, followed ...
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Page: What Students Need to Know About Bringing a Computer to Campus
section... Did you bring a new computer? #newcomputer Did you run Windows Update? #windowsupdate Do you need access to Internet? #computer Do you have your power cord? #powercord Do you have a surge ...
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Page: Wireless FAQ's
What do I need? You'll need your my'VILLE account and password, a wireless enabled computer or handheld using the 802.11 "b" or "g" wireless standard and a current web browser. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari ...
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