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MU Document Management System

OnBase technology provides electronic storage of any file type (email, presentations, images, spreadsheets, web forms).  
Documents can be efficiently routed /reviewed/approved using OnBase technology.

OnBase was upgraded on August 3rd.  Please attend one of the two training sessions to learn about the new features.

Training Opportunities (open in Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari)

What can you expect with the upgrade? ... new features:
  • Onbase can run on Safari - this means Mac users are brought into the fold without extra login steps.
  • PDF's can be split into two or more documents within OnBase
  • Appending new pages to an OnBase document is easier
  • You can personalize OnBase landing page so that you can quickly navigate to your documents
Quick Reference

How do I open student documents from Banner INB?

From Banner INB you can place your cursor on the ID field on any Banner INB form and press and hold CTRL    Left Mouse Click.  See instructions for more details.

How do I request new OnBase users for my office/department?

Contact the Help Desk and they will create a work ticket for our OnBase Support staff. 

How do  I e-mail a document(s) from OnBase?

You can either send a document as an attachment (less secure) or embed a Unity link
 in the email message (most secure and optimal choice). 

Do I need to print and markup a document or can I do that in OnBase?

You can markup a document directly in OnBase.  The markup feature allows you to highlight, draw lines, freehand, text boxes, draw shapes and many more.

What is the difference between OnBase Unity and OnBase Web?

OnBase Unity can seamlessly interact with applications on your PC like Outlook and Banner INB; it can only be accessed while you are using your machine on campus or remotely via a VMWare client that gives you access to a Windows desktop that has OnBase Unity preinstalled. Call help desk to set this up at (717) 871-7777.

OnBase Web can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection using Internet Explorer or Safari.

I am a Mac User, how do I access OnBase?


With the latest upgrade of OnBase Safari is now supported and the interface is easy to use. Go here -> OnBase Web

Which Browsers are supported?

OnBase Web is supported by Internet Explorer & Safari.
Specifically it is supported by Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11 and Safari 5.1.10+, 6.0.5+, 6.2.0+, 7.1.0+, 8.0.0+ and Firefox ESR 31.

I have an iPad, how to I connect to OnBase?

OnBase can be installed on your iPad.   Simply go to the App Store, download "OnBase Mobile" and follow the simple ipad install instructions.

I walked away from my computer and OnBase made me log in again.

If you are not actively using OnBase for more than 30 minutes, OnBase will prompt you to continue using OnBase.  If you do not answer the prompt, OnBase will automatically log you off. 

What mobile devices (tablets, phones) are supported?

 Currently the iPad is the only mobile device directly supported by Millersville's OnBase application. If you want other devices supported, contact the Help Desk (717) 871-7777 and submit your request. 

Can I upload an email to OnBase?

You can easily upload emails. Click here  for detailed instructions. 

I want to hide sensitive data on the document.  How do I permanently erase that information? 

You are able to permanently block out areas of a document so that sensitive data is not visible to other OnBase users. Please click here
for detailed redaction instructions. 

Can I place a note on my document?

Yes, Notes can be placed on documents and shared with others or kept private. Click  here  for detailed instructions. 

I am working in Banner INB, may I quickly pull up the student's documents from Banner? 

Yes! When you have the student's M# highlighted, you can hold the Control Button down and then Left Click with your mouse; all the student's documents in OnBase which you have access to will be displayed. Click here
for detailed instructions.

I want to reorder pages, delete pages, append pages, split a document?

This can be done in Unity using Page Edit mode within the Unity Client.

Do I need to print and then scan a document to store it in OnBase?  

No, there is not need to print and then scan your document. You can print directly into OnBase from any application (Adobe, Word, Excel, Web) direct into OnBase using Hyland's Virtual Print Driver

How do I print documents from OnBase? 

Hopefully there is no need to print and you can opt to email a link or attachment.  However, if it is necessary, simply click on "Send To" and you will find the option for printing.

How do I quickly access documents?

Custom Queries.

How do I administer user groups in Unity?

You must request special access to administer OnBase security groups.   Click  here 
 for all of the steps. 

How do I draw on or highlight documents already in OnBase?

You can easily Markup documents in OnBase Unity.

Once we archive our paper documents electronically, when should our office destroy our paper documents?

Information Technology recommends that you do not immediately destroy your documents.  Your office must retain the documents for a minimum of two weeks.
This will provide Information Technology time to secure an off-site backup of your documents.  It is important that you verify with your attorneys and auditors for guidelines of destroying paper documents.  

Some paper documents might require a longer retention than the two week minimum.

Methods for Accessing Onbase

Search OnBase Wiki

Millersville Technical Assistance Center (Help Desk)

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