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The vLab Virtual Desktop is a new pilot project at Millersville University that delivers a fully-functional Windows 7 computer lab desktop to your personal device over the Internet.  Through this interface, you have instant access to most campus-provided software and university resources that would otherwise only be available on campus computer lab PCs.

The vLab is provided as a convenience for our students, however compatibility with every system can not be guaranteed.  This is due to any potential compatibility issues with personally owned devices such as those that may be caused by third party software firewalls and some internet service providers (particularly public WI-Fi hotspots) blocking needed ports or limiting the amount of bandwidth that the vLab needs to establish a connection.  In our testing though, issues like this have been rare.

How Does it Work?

Before you can connect, you must first install the VMware View Client on your PC or Mac.  Instructions are also available for connecting via an iPad or most Android tablets.  After you install the software, you can instantly connect to a Virtual Desktop over the Internet, regardless of your location on your own device.

Getting Started

To install the VMware View client, click here:

After the client is installed, you can connect directly by starting the View Client software from your Desktop or Start Menu, or by pointing your web browser to

Available Software

The vLab will, when possible, offer the same software as the SMC general use computer lab.  However, in rare instances due to licensing restrictions, not all software may not be available for off campus use.

More Questions?

Check out the vLab FAQ