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myVILLE Tech    

Keeping You Connected...You Are Why We Are Here

(717) 871-7777




IT Help Desk

The Information Technology Help Desk is dedicated to providing the University's students, faculty and staff with technical support and advice. It is located in the Boyer Computer Center.  There is no charge for using any of the Help Desk's services.  Please visit our online informational wiki (Self Help) for how best to contact the Help Desk, a detailed list of services and the hours of support.  The Help Desk phone number is 717-871-7777.


Getting Connected on campus wireless network: Wireless Network, Connecting Gaming Consoles/Firesticks, Wireless Connection Guide. Please contact the Help Desk at 717-871-7777 if you have difficulty connecting your personal device to the Internet.

myVille Portal

Your Portal access to University Services: D2L, Email, Max, MU Alert, Marauder Gold and more...


 MAX, the Millersville Access System, gives you real-time access to most of your student records.  MAX can assist you with registering for classes, making bill payments, checking your financial aid and viewing as well as printing records and information. Assistance with your account can be obtained from the Help Desk at 717-871-7777.

Computer Labs

Millersville has more than a dozen computer labs located all over campus.  Mac and Windows labs are available to you and accessed with your student ID and password.  Labs open the first day of classes and some are open 24 hours.  To access a listing of the labs please click here: Computer Labs.

Technical Assistance Center (TAC)

TAC, located in the Boyer Building, is a service to assist students with their personal devices for use on ResNet.  In addition, TAC offers students a place to bring those personal devices for troubleshooting and resolution of computing problems including virus removal, software repairs, phone support and access to utilities and documentation.  TAC does not cover hardware repairs or upgrades.  Please call the IT Help Desk at 717-871-7777 and ask to speak with a TAC technician.

IT Facebook

Visit Millersville University Info Tech (IT) page for what's happening technologically around campus, as well as how to get help for your personal device and to connect with our Help Desk staff.  Go to:


myVILLE Mail - Student Email

myVILLE Email is Outlook Web Email and can be accessed from the myVILLE Portal (  Just enter your myVILLE username and password and you are good to go.  Please contact the Help Desk with any questions at (717) 871-7777.

vLab Virtual Campus Lab

Accessing a University computer lab just became easier.  Now from the comfort of your own home or dorm room you will be able to access the same resources as a general use Windows lab.  The Virtual Lab delivers you a fully functional desktop to your personal device, such as a Windows or Mac computer, iPad and some Android devices, over the Internet.  If you are interested in this pilot program go to vLab Virtual Desktop. Go online now:


D2L is your online education platform.  To access D2L and to keep up-to-date please go to the following link for the Resources page: Please contact the Help Desk with any questions at (717) 871-7777.

Print Anywhere, Print Anytime

This service is available for students who use our general use labs.  Each student is given an allocation at the beginning of the semester (MU Print Allocation Information). You will be able to step up to a GoPrint release station, enter your student ID and password and see all of your print jobs.  Print jobs are stored for a 12-hour period so you can print when you want and where you want.  This feature is currently available in the Residence Halls, Luek 109, Chryst 109a, Jefferson 108, Library, McComsey 119 & 235, Osburn 300, 302 & 303, Roddy 257, SMC and Wicke 108 computer labs. See more about PrintAnywhere


How We Will Communicate With Students?

Clear and succinct information regarding new technologies or changes in existing technologies will be disseminated via IT Facebook site, posters/flyers in dorms, labs, SMC and Library, and with the use of digital signage. As always, the Help Desk is the quickest way to get your question answered by calling (717) 871-7777, or

Are You Interested In Technology?

Join our Information Technology student staff and become a member of the SWAT Team.  The Students Working to Advance Technology team is available to students who are interested in helping to provide technical assistance to the MU campus.  Check out more information on joining the SWAT team at