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You can setup forwarding from myVILLE Mail to any email you would like. You will have to keep track of your emails in myVILLE Mail and empty the Deleted Items from time to time. (Students have a 500MB limit on mail). Click on image to enlarge content.

1. After Logging into myVILLE Mail go to Options ->  Create an Inbox Rule...

2. Click on New

3.Select "Apply to all messages"

4. Next, Click on Redirect message. This will then bring up the Address Book, for right now leave the field blank and click ok.

5. Click on More Options.

6. Click on Redirect this message to... and select forward the message to...

7. The Address Book will pop up again. In the "To" field type the email address you want your mail to be forwarded to and click ok.

*Next steps are optional. (This adds an action to delete all messages after they have been forwarded.)

8. Click on "Add Action"

9.Click on Move, Copy, Delete -> Delete the message

10.Click Save

11.Click Yes on the dialogue box that pops up.

12.To back to you Inbox, click on My Mail.