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Outlook Password Portal

Millersville University Information Technology now synchronizes your MU Outlook account and password with the PASSHE ESS system. Any MU Outlook password change will automatically be synchronized with your PASSHE ESS account. To login to our myAccount@MU Outlook password portal you need to login with your Outlook (mu_domain) account and current password and then change your password.

The myAccount@MU service provides Millersville University employees access to the Outlook Password Portal, a place to manage their Outlook (mu_domain) account without the need to contact the Help Desk. myAccount@MU facilitates changing a forgotten password by answering two security questions that are established when you first enroll in the password portal.

Note: Passwords expire after 180 days and you will not be able to log into myAccount@MU to change it after it expires.  If you receive an email saying your password is about to expire, please change it immediately!  However, if you do get locked out, please call the Help Desk at x2371 option #1 to get it reset.

myAccount@MU allows employees to:


Information Technology strongly recommends using myAccount@MU for account management, it provides much more flexibility in self-service. If however you choose to not use the portal, there are alternative methods for changing your password every 180 days. These methods will change the password only, they will not help reset a forgotten password.

MU Domain Login

When you logon to an on campus computer, one of the options is to change your password. Select the Change Password option, enter the old (current) password then enter the new password twice.

Ctrl-Alt-Delete (Windows)

A Microsoft Windows computer provides a change password option in the Windows Security box activated by the Ctrl-Alt-Delete key sequence. Select the Change Password option, enter the old (current) password then enter the new password twice.

Outlook Web

The Change Password option in the web version of Outlook is found by selecting the Options button (upper right corner of the screen), and selecting Change Password option found in the list of options on the left-side of the screen. Enter the old (current) password then enter the new password twice.

myAccount@MU Login

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