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Instead of running a desktop operating system (such as Windows) directly on a traditional desktop or laptop computer, Virtual Desktop Clients moves the running of the operating system to a host server. The host server can handle many virtual desktop sessions at a time and centralizes hardware, software and operating system maintenance.

There are several areas where Virtual Client Desktops are used at Millersville University today:

  • Computer Labs

- Many campus computer labs have been transitioned from traditional desktops to thin clients.

  • vLab (Virtual Lab)

The vLab Virtual Lab provides on and off campus "anywhere" access to many of the same resources as a traditional student computer lab.

  • Staff Virtual Desktops

Many staff wonder what the difference is between using a traditional computer versus using a Virtual Desktop, that is until they log into their virtual desktop from an iPad for the first time.  Besides the "access anywhere" capability, many departments are taking advantage of the cost savings that Virtual Desktops provide to replace aging machines.