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Password Portal Location

  1. University Website > Faculty & Staff > Logins
  2. myVille Portal

My Account @ MU (Faculty & Staff Passwords)

Login to Password Portal

Enter your email username and password

Make sure you click Login

Do not click Reset Password

Set up your Security Questions

After successfully logging in you may see a popup that requires the creation of your security questions.

This is a link to the Security Questions page.

Skip to "Change Your Password" if your questions are already set up.

  • If you ever forget your answers, you can return to this page at any time to reset your security questions, and answers by logging into the portal and clicking the Enrollment tab.

Select a security question of your liking

  • Create an answer to your security question. Answers are not case sensitive.
  • Repeat for question 2. 
  • Click Enroll to complete the process.

Change your Password

Switch to the Change Password Screen by clicking on the "Change Password" tab

Enter your old (current) password in the appropriate box.
Create a new password and enter it in the remaining 2 boxes.
Note the requirements indicated. Passwords must contain 3 of the following 4 characteristics:

    • Numerals
    • Upper case characters
    • Lower case characters
    • Special characters

In addition, passwords must not contain a significant portion of the user name and must vary from the last 3 passwords by at least 3 characters.

Click OK to save your new password.
After changing your password, we recommend you reboot your office computer. Do not simply log off. This will insure that any shared folders remain accessible.
The password change will not affect: Banner and Hyperion/Brio

Password Reset (Forgotten Password process)

From the Password Portal screen:
Click on "Reset Password"

Enter your User ID

Enter the answers to your selected security questions in both provided boxes.
Remember, the answer is case sensitive!
Click Continue 

This will log you into the password portal where you can then Change Your Password.