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50 question portrait.pdf100 question portrait.pdf200 question portrait.pdfTo save the documents, Right Click on the desired form and Save Link As.

50 question portrait.pdf

100 question portrait.pdf

200 question portrait.pdf

Using this method we no longer require a header sheet.

Once downloaded, open the document with Adobe Acrobat.

  • Note: Windows 10 users may find that the document opens in Microsoft Edge by default. If this happens, contact the Help Desk (x7777) before printing so we can set the default program for PDF's back to Acrobat.

In Acrobat, click File / Print.

Verify that the Actual Size or Size = 100 percent option is selected.

If you submit a set of exams printed with shrink to fit, we have a method to recover the form and enlarge it. This sometimes produces read errors that must be corrected manually. Professors will be notified if we suspect the incorrect print options were used.

For 50 question tests, you only need to hit print.

For 100 or 200 question tests there is one more option.

Under Properties, select 2 sided printing - LONG EDGE BINDING.

Print the forms.

If printed correctly, the blank margin on the left will be roughly 1/2 inch and the right 1 inch. We recommend printing a single page to test.

Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions at x7777.

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