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Test Scoring Services are offered at the Technical Assistance Center (TAC), x7666, located on the first floor of Boyer Hall. Services are rendered during Fall and Spring Semesters between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. on Friday; Winter and Summer Sessions between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The professor must deliver the test materials to the Help Desk. Test materials must be signed-in by the professor, and signed-out at pick-up.

Tests are accepted, and results are released to professors only. Student representatives must have written authorization from the professor before service is granted. (Exception: Student teachers.)

Barring mechanical failure, the test scoring process will be completed within one hour of drop-off. In most cases, tests are scored immediately, and the results are ready within 10 minutes. Faculty are welcome to wait in the comfort of the first floor waiting area.

General Instructions

  1. Use the appropriate answer sheet/form -- 100 if 100 or less questions, 200 if more than 100 questions.
  2. Use No. 2 pencil and color in the entire bubble.
  3. The Professor creates an Answer Key, including:
    • The Professor's name.
    • 999999999 in the Social Security Number area.
    • The correct answers.
  4. The Student creates an answer sheet, including:
    • The Student's name.
    • Student Number in the Social Security Number area.
      NOTE: If you have the student use their Student Number, which is now their "M" number, have them use the last 8 digits of the "M" number only.
    • Answers to questions.
  5. If needed, the Professor may include a "weight sheet" with the answer key. The weight sheet includes:
    • 555555555 in the Social Security Number area.
    • Eliminate question(s) by coloring the 'A' bubble.
    • Add value to a specific question(s) (B=2 points, C=3 points, D=4 points).
    • Grant credit for a question(s) by coloring the 'E' bubble.


The results are available in three versions.

Short Version - This analysis is a simple one-page list of results.

Medium Version - This analysis is the one-page list of results, and:

  1. An item analysis of the questions and the KR-20 value.
  2. A most-missed item report, which ranks questions from most to least missed.
  3. A grade distribution frequency chart.
  4. A high to low score chart.

Long Version - This analysis includes all of the reports of the Medium Version and a handout for each individual student. Along with their score and some general statistics about the exam, this student handout includes a list of their responses to each question and the correct answer.