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    Technical Assistance Center (TAC) operations for Millersville University students

    Technical Assistance Center (TAC)

    TAC is a no-appointment, walk-in service provided by the Millersville University department of Information Technology and funded by the Student Technology Fee, located in the Boyer Building. TAC technicians provide technology assistance free-of-charge to students, and specialize in solutions to problems concerning internet connectivity and personal computing devices.  TAC's directive is to minimize student personal computing device downtime by offering "computer software support, information, and education" to Millersville University students.

    Students may bring their computing devices (laptops, desktops, and mobiles) to TAC to receive the following services at no charge:

    • Maintenance and troubleshooting of computing devices and the Microsoft Windows operating system
    • Installation of purchased software, including the Microsoft Windows operating systems (1)
    • Assistance in updating purchased software, including the Microsoft Windows operating systems, Java, Adobe Flash, and others
    • Removal of malicious software (malware)
    • Preventative care of computing devices by provision of anti-malware products
    • Diagnosis of potentially failing hardware
    • Installation of new hardware (limited to hard drives)
    • Back-up of data in preparation for installation of new hardware or in anticipation of hardware failure (2)
    • Diagnosing of internet connectivity problems
    • Attempt recovery of lost or misplaced files (2)
    • Assistance with mobile devices: iCloud sync, email setup, and general inquiries

    TAC also provides at no charge:

    • The statistical software Minitab, by means of student-provided CD-R or USB drive
    • General technology assistance, including solutions to problems concerning hardware or software purchasing, internet connectivity, computing device security, "slow" computing devices, and software that uses Sun Java and Adobe Flash, and answers to other student inquiries.

    TAC technicians may also be able to provide services to students that are not listed above, so students may contact TAC to see if TAC technicians can provide a solution to one's problem.  While TAC offers solutions to many problems that students may encounter with their technology, many problems may be resolved over the telephone by using the Millersville University Information Technology Help Desk, a free-of-charge call-only service.  

    Help Desk






    (1): If found necessary by a TAC technician, and at the discretion of the student, TAC may reinstall operating systems using student-provided "original media and official license codes".

    (2): TAC does not "guarantee the backup or recovery of lost data".

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Help Desk Contact Info


Location: Boyer Building

Email: help@millersville.edu

Classroom Hotline: 717-871-7280

After Hours D2L Help: 877-325-7778

Call Center/Technical Assistance Center

  • Fall/Spring Semesters:
    • M-TH 8AM - 7PM EST, F 8AM - 5PM EST
  • Winter/Summer Sessions:
    • M-F 8AM - 4PM EST

By Appointment - book an appointment

Technical Operations (Audio/Video/Lighting/Electronic Support for University Campus functions): 717-871-7689

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