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The Students Working to Advance Technology Team (SWAT) was established to provide continuity, organization, and structure for all technical job opportunities on campus available to students. Approximately 80 students are employed on campus by the SWAT Team.

The SWAT Team is divided into the following sub groups:
  • Help Desk Assistants
  • Instructional Design
  • Lab Assistants (specialty labs)
  • New Media Design
  • Technical Assistance Center (TAC)
  • Technical Support for Faculty & Labs
  • Web Design and Web Maintenance

Employment in the SWAT Team

Students can apply for these positions by filling out the Online Application. Any students with technical experience and interest in computers are strongly urged to apply to the SWAT Team. General requirements include a sense of responsibility, dependability, punctuality, and strong interpersonal skills. A willingness to learn new technologies and to teach those new technologies and skills is also a must.