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RightFax is a utility that allows the sending, receiving and processing of faxes from desktop computers via a web client. This replaces all traditional analog faxing operations on campus.

Web client URL: https://rightfax.muad.local/WebClient

Go live date: 5/16/2016

How to Login to RightFax

RightFax Main Page

  • Shows all faxes in your folder
  • The left pane shows available folders
  • The right pane shows faxes in the selected folder



Fax Disposition

  • Forward to User (sends a copy, retains your original)
  • Forward to Fax
  • Route to User (sends original, removed from your folder)
  • Fax History
  • Move to Folder
  • Delete
  • Save as PDF or TIFF file (When you need to ingest the fax into other applications such as OnBase, PointNClick, Titanium, etc.)
  • Annotate the fax

RightFax Online Help Link: RightFax Help  

Create or Edit a Fax in RightFax

Phonebook in RightFax

RightFax Quick Sheets.pdf

rightfax training.pdf