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Almost every department now has a Ricoh copier available for use.  All employees are encouraged to use these instead of using personal printers in order to conserve energy and resources.  This also reduces the number of printers that need to be supported and, as a result, printing services can be supported more efficiently.

Paper/Toner for these copiers is supplied by the department and is usually kept with the department secretary.  For ordering information, see quick reference guide below.

For any physical problems with a Ricoh Copier in a particular department, Ricoh Support should be contacted by someone from that department. Their number is: 1-800-333-2679

Millersville's Technology Help Desk (717) 871-7777 can offer limited support for any issues involving connectivity between these Ricoh copiers and University equipment.

Below are some guides to some of basic functions involving Ricoh copiers:

Ricoh Copier Installation

How to Check Ricoh Copier or Printer Counts

Ricoh Copier Training Packet

Listing of Ricoh Multi-Function Device Copiers

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