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Request a new list

Course lists

Course lists are created on the Friday before the beginning of Spring and Fall semesters. During Summer and Winter sessions, of if you need to contact your class prior to the start of a semester, you can request the creation of lists for your courses by using the Course List Request Form.

Course lists are updated when the drop-add period is over.

You will receive a confirmation email when the list for your course has been created or updated.

The email address format is:, for example:

Non-course lists

Millersville University faculty and staff may request con-course lists, also referred to as generic lists, using the Generic List Request Form.

Student organizations may request a list for their group, however we ask that the advisor of the group make the request. Advisor permission is required.

Advisee lists

Advisee lists are no longer created in Listserv. If you wish to get a listing of your advisees, you may do so via MAX.

  1. Log into MAX
  2. Click 'Faculty Services' from the menu, or click the 'Faculty Services' tab
  3. Click 'Advisor Menu'
  4. Click 'List your Advisees'
  5. The screen will show all your advisees. Go to the bottom of the screen, click
    'Display Email List'.
  6. Return to the bottom of the page, and then copy the emails in the 'Advisee Email Listing' box.
  7. Paste the email addresses in the To: (or BCC: ) of the email you want to send

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