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Before following these instructions, please make sure you have first contacted the Help Desk (x7777) to request remote desktop access.

The instructions below are to take place after setting up remote desktop on the machine you are trying to gain access to (i.e. your office machine).  Here is the link with instructions on how to set up remote desktop on the host machine:

After setting up remote desktop on the host machine, follow these instructions on the machine which you are gaining access from (i.e. your home computer).

1)    Open Remote Desktop and click "Show Options"

2)  Click the Advanced tab. On the advanced tab of the remote desktop client click on the Settings under "Connect from anywhere"

3)  In the connection settings please set the following

a.   Check "Use the RD Gateway Server Settings"

b.   Server name:

c.   Logon Method: "Allow me to select later"

d.   Uncheck the "bypass RD Gateway server for local addresses"

e.   Uncheck "Use my RD Gateway credentials for the remote computer"

f.     Press OK to save settings.

4)  Back on the general tab you may specify the hostname or IP address which you wish to connect.


       5)  After pressing connect, you will be prompted to login to the Remote Desktop Gateway
       Server. Use your muad credentials to do so. Ex: muad\techterling Followed by the OK



 6)  You will then be prompted for your credentials to your desktop machine.

Note: Make sure to click "Use another account" and in the username field type muad\username

  7)  After pressing OK, you should be remotely connected to your pc.