Computer Buying & Suggested Specifications

When purchasing a new computer, look for something that fits both your academic and extracurricular activities and can sustain your computing needs for the next 4-5 years.  Shop around and compare prices and features to get the best fit for your needs.

The following vendors offer Millersville University students discounts on computers:

Recommended Specifications

  • Processor: Any current era processor
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows or Apple operating system
  • Memory: 8 GB (minimum), 16 GB (better)
  • Hard drive: 128 - 256 GB SSD


  • Microsoft Office 365 is available to Millersville University students. Through our Microsoft Campus Agreement, Microsoft currently provides this to every student free of charge.  This enables students to:
    • Install Office on up to 5 compatible Windows and Mac computers and/or tablets (including iPad)
    • Utilize Office 365 online
    • Use OneDrive for online file storage
  • vLab Virtual Desktop is available to students and will deliver a computer lab desktop to your personal device over the Internet.  Through this interface, students have instant access to most campus-provided software and university resources that would otherwise only be available on campus computer lab PCs.


  • Each Millersville University student has a print allocation for the Spring and Fall semesters.  The allocation renews on January 1st and July 1st.
  • Once the print allocation is exhausted students may use their Marauder Gold accounts for printing on campus.

Before you bring your computing device to campus...

  • Windows Updates:  Make sure that you have all of your Windows updates installed. It is also good to check that your automatic updates are turned on.
  • Anti-virus Software:  Anti-virus software is a must.  Be sure the latest virus definitions are installed.
  • External or Cloud Storage: USB flash drives or cloud storage for your files are necessary when you need to access it on a campus lab computer.  Your Office365 account gives you cloud storage for files. They are also very useful for backing up your important documents.
  • Physical/Theft Protection for your computer:  Consider a lock-down kit for your device. Make note of the serial number, make and model of your computer in case of theft.