Printing at MU

    Printing at Millersville University

    • Each student at Millersville University is given an allocation of printouts (at no cost to the student) for each Fall and Spring Semesters at print release stations on campus.
    • For calendar purposes:
      • Fall Semester will be defined as July 1 – December 31
      • Spring Semester will be defined as January 1 – June 30
    • Check your MU Print Allotment at any print release station.  More info about allotments: Lab Print Allotments
    • Print Anywhere - With your wireless device release jobs in campus labs and residence halls.
    • Color Printing in Library Lobby - send and release - now in Library

    How Does It Work?
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    • All Millersville University students receive a print quota of a ## of pages based upon published semester allotments (or a VillePrint $$ total credit) per semester. Since this quota is treated as a dollar amount by the printing system, each page printed on a black and white printer deducts a VillePrint $$ amount from your balance.
    • Allotments and overage charges will be recognized by semester: Please note that printers will default to double-sided printing (one page, double sided=2 prints) 
    • Unused printouts will not be rolled over to the next semester. MU Print Allotments will be refreshed at the beginning of each semester.
    • There will be no reimbursement for unused VIllePrint $$.
    • Print jobs of more than 50 pages will be automatically removed from the system.  
    • The number of pages in your print job is not reduced from your balance until you release the print job at the print release station. Simply sending a document to the queue by selecting the print option will NOT deduct any pages from your balance.
    • For further details, questions and feedback:
    • If you deplete your print quota and need to print, please contact the Help Desk to present your case.  The Help Desk will process on a case-by-case basis.

      Tips and Tricks to Decrease Printing

      • Think before you print - can I utilize this content electronically?
        • Talk with your Faculty and identify when you can utilize electronic media in class or with classroom work.
      • Always print double-sided
      • View print job prior to printing
      • Select only the pages you need to print out
      • Be patient when you release a print job as there may be other print jobs in the queue ahead of you; there may be a short delay before your job is printed. If you become impatient and send the same page(s) to the printer a second time you will get two copies of the page(s) and, consequently, be charged again for all pages that were printed.
      • Check document properties prior to printing.  Our labs use 8 1/2 X 11 paper.  Any documents configured for a different size paper (A4, tabloid, or other non-standard size) may have problems printing and cause the print job to error and cease printing until the job is deleted.  Contact the Help Desk at (717-871-7777 or x7777) for assistance.
      • ALWAYS log off any campus computer as soon as you have completed your work.
      • When doing research, save material by emailing it to yourself or saving directly to a flash drive
      • Download books to your personal device
      • Before printing study guides, class notes or a syllabus - change margins and font sizes to decrease the number of pages to be printed
      • PowerPoint Slides  
        • Make the presentation into a PDF with multiple slides
        • Print only as handouts
        • Save and send to email
        • Take notes in PowerPoint
        • Take notes in OneNote
      • Print Anywhere  - Print when you want. Need to print it later in the day? Go ahead. Your print job will wait for you.

      How to Dispute a Print Charge

      • On the occasion that a printer malfunctions and misprints or does not print your print job and you are still charged for that print job, you may present your case to the Help Desk for credit to your MU Print Allotment account.
      • Malfunctions may occur as a result of issues with paper jams, toner, or technical issues.
      • Contact the Help Desk at (717) 871-7777,
        • Name
        • MU Email
        • Contact Information
        • Date and Approximate Time of Occurrence
        • Name of Computer Lab
        • # of Pages misprinted or not printed
        • Explanation of misprint
      • The Help Desk will check the logs and verify the errant transaction and contact you with the resolution.
      • If the misprint is toner related or the result of physical damage (i.e. accordion-style or ripped due to printer jam), please note that.
      • Disputes will be resolved within 1-2 business days.  Please note the Help Desk is closed on Saturday and Sunday.


      Help Desk

      Help Desk Contact Info


      Location: Boyer Building


      Classroom Hotline: 717-871-7280

      After Hours D2L Help: 877-325-7778

      Call Center/Technical Assistance Center

      • Fall/Spring Semesters:
        • M-TH 8AM - 7PM EST, F 8AM - 5PM EST
      • Winter/Summer Sessions:
        • M-F 8AM - 4PM EST

      By Appointment - book an appointment

      Technical Operations (Audio/Video/Lighting/Electronic Support for University Campus functions): 717-871-7689

      Emergency Notification: MU Alert System