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In Campus Labs and Residence Halls

Release jobs in campus labs or with your wireless devices.

Release and print jobs in many locations around campus using the GoPrint release stations.

  • Step up to the GoPrint station and login with your username and password. (No screens full of usernames to search through.)
  • Release and print all of your print jobs.
  • Print when you want.  Need to print it later in the day?  Go ahead! Your print job will wait for you.
  • Send print jobs via lab computer, web or PrinterOn App!
  • Print jobs will stay in your queue for 12 hours
  • PrintAnywhere How It Works on the Web

Now currently in:

  1. SMC
  2. Library
  3. Byerly 109
  4. Roddy 257
  5. Chryst 109a
  6. Jefferson 108
  7. Wickersham 108
  8. McComsey 119 & 235
  9. Osburn 300, 302 & 303
  10. Winter 200
  11. Residence Halls

Questions?: IT Help Desk (717) 871-7777

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