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Blogs @ Millersville

Launched in April 2010, Blogs @ Millersville University offers an easy-to-use way to engage conversation about activities and research. Built on the popular WordPress blogging platform, Blogs @ Millersville University allows you to easily share information, links and additional resources as well as promote extra-curricular activities and events without the need to purchase or maintain additional software.

Key Features

  • Collaboration -- allow members of the department or student workers to contribute and edit content using a built in WYSIWYG editor
  • Media management -- easily upload files and images using the built in WordPress media library
  • Social networking -- all blogs within Blogs @ Millersville University take advantage of BuddyPress, a collection of social networking features
  • View more WordPress and BuddyPress features.


You must have an email address to register for an account.

Getting Started

Create a new blog or visit the Blogs @ Millersville knowledgebase.

Wikis @ Millersville

A wiki is a website that allows users to easily create and manage any number of interlinked web pages using a web browser. The wiki service offered by Millersville University provides users with collaborative web space to showcase work and research or provide easy-to-use, web-accessible documentation. Wiki space administrators can restrict access to individuals, a small group, or to the world.

Key Features
  • Access Control -- Control who can gain access to your content
  • Communication and collaboration -- publish your work and documentation and gain feedback from others
  • Media Management -- upload photos, documents and other files to further enhance your content
  • View more Atlassian Confluence features.

This service is available to faculty, staff, academic departments and administrative units.

Getting Started
  • Accessing Existing Wiki Spaces -- Visit the Millersville Wiki Dashboard and log in using your Millersville login credentials.
  • Obtain a Wiki Service Space -- Contact the Help Desk to request a new wiki space.
  • Online Documentation -- Please see the Atlassian Confluence User's Guide ('s+Guide) for more information on how to use the wiki.