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Through our Microsoft Campus Agreement, Microsoft currently provides Microsoft Office 365 to every student, staff and faculty member free of charge.

This enables you to:

  • Install Office on up to 5 compatible Windows and Mac computers and/or tablets (including iPad!)
  • Utilize Office 365 online for collaboration
  • Use OneDrive for online file storage

To access Office 365 go to:

The Office 365 installs are for personal devices only and should not be installed on your University issued computer(s). If you wish to have a newer version of office installed on your University computer(s), submit a Help Desk request at


Accessing Office 365

Using Microsoft Office 365

Please note that you now log into Office 365 using your Millersville University e-mail and password. If you need assistance call the Help Desk @ 717-871-7777. 


I just purchased the software, can I get a refund?

  • You'll have to check your conditions of purchase and/or the place you bought it. However, if you did purchase the software, keep in mind that you'll always have the software available. Once you aren't an active student anymore, your access to 365 will go away unless you continue with the subscription based service.

After I graduate, can I continue to use the software?