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Wireless is available in all classroom and office buildings. Gordinier has wireless service in both the Student Dining area and the upstairs conference center.

Any guests who need access to wireless may use the muguest-WIFI wireless network.  Guests will need to register for an account by following the instructions below.

Guest accounts expire after 5 days, at which time guests will be required to re-register

How to register for a Guest Account:

  1. Select "Don't have an account" under the Sign on button

  2. Complete all fields and select "Register"

  3. Select "Sign On" to proceed
    1. You can select "Print" if you would like to keep a copy of your guest account information

  4. Select "Accept" to the Acceptable Use Policy

  5. Select "Continue" to access the network

If you have a guest coming to campus who needs access to campus resources other that just to the Internet, and a muguest-WIFI account does not provide the level of access required, please contact the Help Desk prior to your event to ensure adequate access is available for your event