Supported Software on University Computers

    PC Labs
    Operating System:
    Microsoft Windows 10

    VDI Software:

    • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
    • ArcGIS
    • Geometer Sketchpad
    • GeoGebra Classic
    • GSPS
    • JASP
    • Kaltura Capture
    • Matlab
    • Microsoft Office 365
    • Minitab
    • PASW Statistics 18
    • Python 2.5
    • R
    • Research Insight
    • RStudio
    • SAS
    • SPSS
    • Stata
    • Video & Audio Players
    • Web Browsers
    • Wolfram Mathematica

    Specialized Labs:
    Osburn CAD Lab - AutoCAD, SolidWorks

    Mac Labs
    Operating System:
    Mac OS 10.6.8

    Mac Software:
    Adobe Creative Cloud Suite
    Microsoft Office 2011
    VMWare View Client for access to PC software (see PC Labs, VDI)

    Specialized Labs:
    Piano Lab - Pro Tools
    Piano/Bassler Lab - Logic

    PC Desktops
    Operating System:
    Microsoft Windows 10

    PC Software:
    Adobe Creative Cloud
    Google Chrome
    Hyperion Web
    Hyperion Studio
    Microsoft Office 365
    OnBase Unity Client
    OnBase Web Client

    Departmental Applications:
    Counseling - Titanium
    Health Services - PointNClick
    Library - Voyager, Ares, Illiad, Relais, Aeon, OCLC, Oracle, Content DM, Snagit
    MUPD - MetroAlert
    Housing - CSGold
    Scheduling - Astra

    Mac Desktops
    Operating System:
    Mac OS 10.6.8

    MAC OS - disclaimer about current OS, need authorization to update OS, SLA timeframe for rebuilding if you update and something breaks?

    Mac Software:
    Adobe Creative Cloud Suite
    Microsoft Office 2011

    Classrooms, Computer Carts, iPads


    Software Support Limitations

    • The Help Desk cannot provide software support under the following conditions:
      • The software is no longer supported by the manufacturer.
      • The software is not properly licensed.
      • The software is being installed or needs to run on obsolete equipment, equipment that does not meet the vendor's minimum requirements or with out-dated operating systems.
    • Departments must contact IT before purchasing any software. The University has purchased site licenses and/or volume licenses for many software packages. It is possible that the software you need is already available at no additional cost.
    • All software license agreements/contracts, including online "click through" agreements, must be reviewed by IT before being approved for purchase.
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