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  1. Download and print the required number of answer sheets from the link below
    1. Answer sheets are available in 50, 100, and 200 question formats:
      1. Test Scoring Sheets

When printing, make sure that Actual Size and Flip on Long Edge settings are selected on the print screen
NOTE: Answer sheets should only be printed using a Ricoh printer

  1. Headers are no longer needed with Portrait Test Forms

  2. Fields to complete on the key sheet:

  3. For Last Name write KEY, but fill the bubbles in with the instructor’s last name

  4. First Initial (FI) of the instructor

  5. Middle Initial (MI) of the instructor

  6. For the Student No, fill with all nines

  7. Course

  8. Section (Sec)

  9. Desired answers to the test questions

  10. NOTE: There can only be one correct answer per question

Show me

The videos below were created using the Landscape forms. The procedure is similar for Portrait.

Please ignore any reference to Header sheets. They are not needed with Portrait test forms.

How to download and print forms

How to complete an answer key

Request help

The Help Desk can be reached by email at, or by phone at (717) 871-7777. You can also submit a service request by going to

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