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  1. Compile the test batch
    1. Place the header form on the top of the pile, followed by the key sheet, and then all of the answer sheets

  2. Scan the compiled test batch
    1. Scan using only Ricoh copiers
    2.  Ensure that the scan settings match those noted below
      1. The Scan settings are usually located on the left-hand side of the printer screen (NOTE: different Ricoh models may have a slightly different looking screen). The below imagine is a sample of what this screen may look like

      2. Click on Original Feed Type to get the scan settings menu
      3. If you have any questions as to where to locate the scan settings please contact the Help Desk and we can assist you with locating and selecting the correct settings for your Ricoh model

    3. Once Original Feed Type is selected, you should see a screen similar to that below that will allow you to specify the scan settings
      1. Confirm the following scan settings are selected:
        1. Original Orientation is set to Readable
        2. 2-sided should be selected if using the 100 or 200 question answer sheets
        3. Page Opening Orientation is set to Top to Bottom
        4. Note: Below are three samples of what the scan options screen may look like on different Ricoh Printers. The correct settings are highlighted in yellow. Your model may differ from these images.

          Fig. 1: Sample of a Ricoh MP401SPF settings screen    Fig. 2: Sample of a Ricoh MPC401SR settings screen    Fig. 3: Sample of a Ricoh MP4001 settings screen

  3. Please check your scanned test batch and make sure that it has been scanned in landscape(readable direction) orientation. Please see the sample below
    1. NOTE: If your scanned test batch PDF is not in landscape orientation, our program can not grade the test, and you will need to re-scan the test batch

  4. Submit the scanned test batch using the Sysaid self-service portal
    1. The portal can be accessed by going to
    2. Click on the Test Scoring icon
      1. Complete all the fields on the submission form
      2. Attach the scanned test batch at the bottom of the submission form

  5. The Help Desk will score the test batch and e-mail the results back through Sysaid
    1. Test results will be sent as an Excel document
      1. The test results contain 11 different reports
      2. Results can be printed or downloaded to your computer

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How to submit a test for scoring

Request help

The Help Desk can be reached by email at, or by phone at (717) 871-7777. You can also submit a service request by going to