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Home folders are available for all Faculty/Staff to store documents and other work-related data.

This storage is centrally located in the Information Technology data center and will be made available to you over the network as your "H:" drive.

Accessing the "H:" drive

In Windows:

Your home folder will show up when you logon to your office computer with your Domain/Outlook account and will be listed as your "H:" drive under "My Computer."

For Macs:

Under the "Go" menu (At the top of the screen in the finder) choose Connect to Server (Apple+K)

Server address is smb://mufiles.muad.local/muhome/userid (note: userid has to be the user's Outlook/domain I.D.)

(If you can't connect using to mugen2, replace with mufiles.muad.local)

Username is muad\username

Password is Outlook/domain password.

Enter into System Preferences, from the Apple menu

Click on 'Users & Groups' (be sure you are selected as Current User)

Click on “Login Items”

Click on the + button to add another login item

Locate the network drive you previously mounted and click “Add”

Exit out of System Preferences

Advantages of using the "H:" drive:

Since the home folder is located on a server in the data center we are

able to backup the data on a regular basis. Also, since your home folder

is tied to your domain account it will be available on any computer

when you logon with your domain account not just your office


How should I use the "H:" drive?

We recommend that you store work-related documents and reports to the home folder.

Since the initial space is limited to 10GB we do not recommend storing large video files.  

The "H:" drive will be available as your

other local disk drives and will appear when you open "My Computer" or

save a document in an application such as Microsoft Word.