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This site is designed to assist our future students through the university admissions process. Upon your accepting an offer of admission (paying your enroll fee), you will be directed to stop using this site and use our myVILLE portal for current students for the remainder of your time at Millersville.

This site has been tested and works with all of the popular web browsers.  We do not expect you to have problems and hope you have a good experience while visiting our site.  On the rare occasion that you might have a problem the following tips may help.

Routine System Maintenance

  • Monday evenings from 7:00 - 10:00 pm is reserved for system maintenance. Do not attempt to create a new account or expect reliable results during this time.

Refresh the web browser if...

  • you get a web browser error.
  • you see the word "Oops!" in a page item.
  • you are seeing unexpected items on your screen.
  • you see a page item(s) flagged as being currently unavailable.

Try again later if...

  • you cannot login because the server is currently or temporarily unavailable.
  • all page items display a message starting with "Oops!"
  • you paid your admission fee and you do not see an acknowledgement.  It can take a few days to process a payment to make you an official "confirmed" student.  The fee payment system should tell you if your fee is paid and stop you from paying it again.

Contact us if...

  • you forgot you password or can no longer login.
  • your information in the Prospect Profile Info box (right side of screen) is incorrect.
  • upon login you get an "Error Page" only, with an error message: "Oops!  Sorry - there appears to be an issue with your account."  This indicates there is an issue with our internal records regarding your account or that your specific type of application (e.g.: reentry or second degree) is not compatible with this facility. 

For all other concerns, persistent errors or if you are unable to perform a task necessary to meet a deadline, please call the Admissions Office at (717)872-3371 during normal business hours.