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MAC addresses are composed of six numbers, each two digits in length. These numbers are in hexidecimal or base 16 and can include the letters A through F to denote numbers higher then 9 (e.g. 00:16:21:11:4D:67).

The following step-by-step instructions will help walk to through locating the MAC address of a corresponding device, or console.


  1. Power up the PlayStation 3 without any disc in the drive.
  2. Once the PlayStation 3 operating system has loaded, select "Settings."
  3. Once you are in "Settings" select "Network Settings."
  4. When the "Network Settings" list appears, select the first option which is titled "Settings and Connection Status List."
  5. The physical address will be listed under "MAC Address." Write this number down

XBOX 360

  1. Go to the "System" area of the Xbox Dashboard
  2. Select "Network Settings"
  3. Select "Edit Settings."
  4. Select "Additional Settings"
  5. Select "Advanced Settings"
  6. At the bottom of this screen you'll see a heading called "Wired MAC Address," which is your MAC address.


  1. From the home screen, select the "Wii" button in the lower left hand corner.
  2. From here, select "Wii Settings" which will be the on-screen button on the right.
  3. On this screen, select the right arrow to advance to the 2nd set of settings.
  4. Select the "Internet" option.
  5. Select the "Console Information" option.
  6. The MAC address will be listed under "USB Ethernet Adapter MAC Address".
  7. Write down this number

Wii U (as described here)

  1. From the Wii U Menu, select "System Settings."
  2. Using the Left Stick select the "Internet" icon and press the A Button.
  3. Select "View MAC Address" and wait a moment for the MAC address to be displayed.
  4. When you are finished, tap "Back."


  1. Install the network adapter given in the installation guide or on the PlayStation2 Network Adapter Web site. Once you have
    the network adapter installed you are ready to begin the ISP Setup process.
  2. Power up the PlayStation 2 and load the Network Adaptor Startup Disc.
  3. Once it has loaded, select ISP Setup and press X.
  4. The ISP SETUP will begin to load, and you will be presented with a license agreement. Select Agree and press X to continue.
  5. For connection type, choose Local Area Network (LAN) and press X to continue.
  6. Select Automatic Configuration and press X to continue.
  7. At the connection test screen, select Advanced and press X to continue.
  8. At the Advanced Broadband Settings screen, make sure Automatic is selected. While you are at this screen, make note of the
    MAC Address at the bottom. You will need this number to register your game console.


  1. Select Settings.
  2. Select General.
  3. Select About.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and there will be Wi-Fi Address and that is your Mac Address.
  5. Enter this Mac Address as an allowed Mac Address on your wireless network.
  6. Finally if you go back to the settings menu and go to the Wi-Fi then you should have the network available.

G1 Android

  1. turn off Wi-Fi.
  2. Select Menu.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Select About Phone.
  5. Select Status.
  6. Then Wi-Fi Mac Address.


The built in network card has the MAC address written on the outside of the unit somewhere. This information won't help if you have attached another network card such as a wireless card to your Tivo. Here's how to find the MAC address for your Tivo.

  1. Open the Tivo menu.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Phone/Network.
  4. The MAC address should be listed on this screen, along with the IP address.