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Millersville is in the process of upgrading our phone system to a VOIP solution. Please refer to our VOIP project page for further information and additional documentation.

The following are features commonly found on 12SD and 30SD telephones. Please note, some of the following features are optional and may require changes to the ITE button template associated with your telephone or the telephone itself.

For additional information or if you need assistance please contact the Help Desk at (717) 871-7777 or

Abbreviated Dial (ABVD)

Allows a user to store (10) frequently called extensions and external numbers and dial them automatically by entering a one digit code.

Store or change abbreviated dial numbers
  1. Press "Abbrev Dial" and the *(asterisk)
  2. Enter the abbreviated dial number (any digit 0-9) hear beep.
  3. Enter phone number (hear two beeps; number is stored).
Make a call:
  1. Press "Abbreviated Dial"
  2. Dial the abbreviated dial number (0-9)

Answer/Release (ANRL)

The answer/release feature allows calls to be answered without lifting or hanging up the handset when using a headset.

Answer call
  1. Press the Answer/Release button
Conclude call
  1. Press the Answer/Release button

Auto Dial (AUTD)

Allows a multi-button ITE user to store frequently dialed numbers and dial it by pressing a single button. One ITE feature button is required for each auto dial number.

To store/change an auto dial number, (without dial tone)
  1. Press "auto dial" (indicator light must stay on while storing).
  2. Enter phone number.
  3. Enter stored number on phone template for future reference
Make a call
  1. With dial tone, press the auto dial button.
To display an auto dial number, press Display, then the auto dial button

Call Forward (CFWD)

Redirects incoming calls to another number

  1. Press line number to forward (dial tone)
  2. Press "Call Forward"
  3. Dial phone number where calls are to be redirected (if calls are not answered, caller will be returned to the voicemail box of original number dialed).
  4. Hang up
  1. From dial tone press "Call Forward"

Call Park (PARK)

Allows a call to be "parked" at a predetermined call park number and retrieved from any phone by dialing the call park number. The parked call will ring back on the telephone from which it was parked if it is not retrieved.

Park Call
  1. Press "Park" (you will be provided with a Park number) Hang up.
Retrieve Call
  1. Lift handset/press speakerphone
  2. Dial park number provided.

Call Pickup Group (CLPU)

Allows a subscriber to answer a call ringing at another telephone (without a line appearance of the ringing line); to enable this feature a call pickup group must be established to include all lines (maximum of 32).

  1. Press "Call Pickup"
  2. Dial extension number of ringing phone (call will be connected)

Cancel (CNCL)

Disconnects any active call and is used to cancel unanswered transfer or conference calls.

  1. Press Cancel (call will be dropped).

Conference (CNFR)

The ability to set up a conference call with a total of 7 parties (can include up to 4 outside calls).

  1. Press "Conference" from an existing call
  2. Dial next party
  3. After the call is answered, press "Conference" (all three parties are joined)
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 to add parties.

Display - ITE Screen (Alphanumeric)

The telephone LED displays date/time and call information.


Display can be adjusted by sliding the wheel-type control found on right side (toward) back of phone.


When phone is idle, press the arrows up or down to adjust.

Do Not Disturb (DND)

When activated this feature blocks incoming calls to a specific telephone line. Blocked calls will be routed as if the line was busy/not answered (for example directed into voicemail).

  1. Press telephone line (dial tone not necessary)
  2. Press "Do Not Disturb"
  1. Press telephone line, press "Do Not Disturb"
Make sure you press the same line number to activate and deactivate. Pressing the wrong telephone line number when dropping DND, will activate this feature on this line instead of dropping it from the original line.

Hands Free Automatic Answer (HFAA)

Feature automatically connects an incoming call to an ITE user with a headset. Incoming calls connect, following a short notification tone.

Activate and Deactivate
  1. Press "Hands Free"

Hold (HOLD)

Places an existing call on hold.

Activate and/or Release
  1. Press "HOLD"

Intercom (INCM)

Allows an assigned group member to call another phone in the same intercom group by dialing a one or two digit number, this feature will override the "Do Not Disturb" feature on the called party's telephone.

To call a member of the intercom group:
  1. Press "Intercom"
  2. Dial the assigned subscriber's intercom number
To answer:
  1. Lift receiver or press speakerphone
  2. Press "Intercom" button

3. Last Number Redial (LNRD)
Redial last "external" call placed.

  1. Press "Last # Redial"

Message Desk (Message Dsk)

Allows a call to be answered on a line, and then forwarded directly into the same telephone line's voice mail. Feature is used primarily at secretary/receptionist locations.

  1. With caller on line, press "transfer"
  2. Press "Message Dsk"


Used during speakerphone calls. When activated prevents a voice from being picked up by the microphone - continue listening to other party without being heard.

Activate and Deactivate
  1. Press "Mute"

Redial (REDL)

Redial last "external" call placed.

  1. Press "REDL"

Ringer Control

Allows you to adjust the tone and/or volume of ringer.

12-SD Telephone
  • Both wheel-type controls can be located on the left (handset) side.
  • Tone control can be located toward the back, move back to lower; front higher.
  • Volume control is located toward the front, move back for loud; move front to soften.
30-SD Telephone
  • Ringer control can be set anytime the phone is ringing, by using the arrow buttons.
  • Tone - Press both arrows simultaneously, press 2 (to start ring), press the up or down arrow to set, press 2 to stop ringing, press both arrows simultaneously again, to save. Volume - Press both arrows simultaneously, press 1 (to start ring), press the up or down arrow to set, press 1 to set ring, press both arrows simultaneously again, to save.

Speakerphone (SPKR)

Allows you to answer a call without using the handset.

Activate (dial or answer call)
  1. With handset on phone, press "SKR" button
  2. Deactivate (end call) - press "SPKR" button.

Transfer and Transfer/Three-Way Conference

The ability to transfer an existing call to another number or to set up a conference call with three parties.

To transfer a call:
  1. Press Transfer
  2. Dial phone number
  3. Hang up or when party answers, announce the transfer and hang up.
To initiate a three party conference call:
  1. With one person on line
  2. Press Transfer
  3. Dial phone number of other party
  4. Press Transfer - (3 parties connected)

Volume Controls - Handset/Speakerphone

  1. Slide Control found on right side of set
  2. To increase volume move toward back, lower volume move forward.
  1. Two arrows, right side on face of phone
  2. To adjust volume - press the up or down arrow, once desired volume is reached, press both arrows simultaneously to save the setting.


Provides direct access to your voicemail box.

  1. Press "voicemail", enter password when prompted.
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