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The Employee Self Service (ESS) portal allows Millersville University employees to review various benefits and payroll information specific to them through a secure online portal. The information is stored in the SAP Human Resources/Payroll System.

Note: Any questions other than login or functionality issues for ESS should be directed to Human Resources at x4950.

If you are unable to login...

Before resetting your password or contacting the Help Desk/Human Resources Department, please read the following to see if you are able to log in successfully.

Did you follow the instructions in the confidential letter sent to you by Human Resources?
  • Your user name is
  • All login information is listed in the letter sent to them. You will see on one page:
    • Employee number:
    • User name:
    • Password:
Please try to log in again.

Pay careful attention to upper case characters and be sure the shift key is fully down on upper case characters and fully released on lower case and numbers. Note: Certain keyboards sometimes have touchy shift keys.

Pay particular attention to certain numbers and letters.

Pay particular attention to the following characters to avoid confusion:

  • The letter O versus the number zero.
  • The number 1 versus the lower case letter l. (This issue has been very common).

Resetting Your Password

If you need to have your ESS password be reset and have logged in successfully on previous occasions, your password is probably expired.

Passwords expire every 90 days in the ESS system.

You can change your password even if the password is expired:

  1. Visit the Faculty & Staff section of the Millersville website
  2. Click Employee Self Service along the left-hand side.
  3. Click the large PASSHE Login button
  4. Under Account Management, click Change Your Password
  5. Log in with old Account Info
  6. Change password according to standard password conventions

If you have difficulty, contact the Help Desk at (717) 871-7777.

If you receive an error message "Your account in SAP HCM system is locked"...

If you receive an error message similar to the screenshot below (click the image for a larger view), please contact the Help Desk at (717) 871-7777.

If you receive an error when logging off or other strange behavior...

Check to see if you are using IE8, at this time ESS is not compatible with IE8.

In addition, IE8 comes bundled with Windows 7