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E-mail is an essential means of communication at Millersville.  With a Millersville email account ( for students, faculty and staff), you will have access to full e-mail services including an inbox, disk space for e-mail folders or file storage, access to webmail, e-mail support for popular desktop clients, and more.


  • Available to: Students, Faculty, Staff
  • An account authorized for email access
  • Must have a current and active status with the University, determined and verified by Human Resources or Registrar.
  • Must read and agree to the University Responsible Use of Information Technology Resources policy.

Key Features

  • Faculty/Staff -- Faculty and staff will receive e-mail accounts providing them with a broad range of messaging features and tools for work collaboration.
  • Students -- Students will receive e-mail accounts known as myVILLE Mail.

Getting Started

  • Faculty/Staff -- Every Millersville employee receives access to a personalized email address. This is how you will communicate with your fellow associates, students, and administrative offices.
  • Students -- Upon admission to the University, every Millersville student receives access to student email, myVILLE Mail, account. myVILLE Mail is how you will communicate with your faculty. That is also the account that is used by university administrative offices in their official communications with students.
  • Online Help -- See the following pages for more information