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This document assumes you are already logged into Listserv's web interface. See Logging in.

Content Analysis

You can use the Content Analysis check to evaluate the content of a message before it is sent. Using this will allow you to see the likelihood of your message being flagged as spam by an external recipient's mail server and allow you to make adjustments to the content of the message. Because anti-spam policies vary by organization, using this feature does NOT guarantee that your message will not be flagged as spam by the destination mail server. This feature is only available using the web interface.

  • Click on "List Management" in the Navigation bar.
  • Click on "List Dashboard".
  • Click the name of the list you wish to email. If you own many lists, you can enter part of the list name in the "Show Lists" box and then press the "Search" button to narrow the displayed lists down first.
  • On the right side of the page, click on "Post New Message" in the "Options" panel.
  • Click the "Show Tests" button.
  • Enter data in the "Subject" and "Body" fields.
  • Click the "Content Analysis" button.
  • If your message receives a questionable or failing score, you may want to adjust the content of the email to lower the score and re-run the Content Analysis test.
Getting Help

Clicking on this icon next to an option will provide detailed help specific to that option.
Clicking on this icon in the upper right corner will provide general help for the page you are currently viewing.

Examples of Content Analysis results

Passed. Probably won't be flagged as spam

Questionable. May be flagged as spam

Failed. Very likely to be flagged as spam