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Computer Lab Locations

As a general rule, labs are open whenever the host building is open.   However, labs are frequently reserved for classes and not available for general use.

  • Bassler 120
  • Breidenstine 206
  • Byerly 143
  • Chryst 109 and 210
  • McNairy Library
  • McComsey 119 and 235
  • Osburn 302 and 304
  • Roddy 257
  • SMC
  • Stayer 209 and 211
  • Wickersham 108

Hours & Scheduling

The labs are frequently reserved for classes, during which they are not available for general use.

Computer labs are closed during official university holidays and semester breaks. As a general rule, labs are open whenever the host building is open - this principle also applies between semesters and during holidays.

Closings for general maintenance or rebuilds are posted at the lab in advance of work being done.

General Procedures & Policies

  • You need to bring your own USB mini drive(s), or CD-R(s) to save your work in most of the computer labs.
  • The use of printers in the computer labs vary. Please follow the guidelines posted in the lab regarding printing policies. You are permitted to bring your own paper; however, the number of copies will still be limited in accordance with lab policies.
  • You are discouraged from bringing children into the computer labs. Any child brought into a lab must be under the supervision of an adult at all times.

Lab authentication is being used at our computer labs. You will need to know your Millersville username and password to be able to access the computers.

Special Needs

Workstations for the visually impaired are available in 3 labs: Byerly Lab, Ganser PC Lab, and the Writing Center. These workstations have ZoomTex software available on it. Note: Career Services also has a copy of this software.

Scheduling of Labs

Students, faculty and staff may reserve space for University-related activities through the Registrar's Office (Phone: (717) 872-3035 or email  This also includes requests for one-time use of a lab.

Classrooms are available for reservation only when a class is not scheduled to meet in the room. Reservations will only be made between 7:00am and 11:00pm when the University is open.

Individuals, groups, and organizations not affiliated with Millersville University must make reservations through University Dining & Conference Services (Phone: (717) 872-3443).

Our Labs

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Page: Byerly Lab
Page: Chryst Lab
Page: Digital Media Lab
Page: ITEC Desktop Publishing Lab
Page: Mathematics Lab
Page: McComsey Mac Lab
Page: McComsey PC Lab
Page: McNairy Library
Page: Roddy Lab
Page: SMC Lab
Page: Stayer Classroom Lab
Page: Stayer PC Lab
Page: Writing Center


Online Help

If you experience any additional problems in the labs, please contact the Help Desk at (717) 871-2371.

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