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Having printer problems?

Is the printer out of paper / toner? Is there a printer jam?

Contact the Help Desk at (717) 871-7777 and the next available technician will visit the lab. Be sure to give the location and printer make/model number.

Why is my print job not printing?
  • Be patient when you release a print job as there may be other print jobs in the queue ahead of you; there may be a short delay before your job is printed. If you become impatient and send the same page(s) to the printer a second time you will get two copies of the page(s) and, consequently, be charged again for all pages that were printed.
  • Check document properties prior to printing.  Our labs use 8 1/2 X 11 paper.  Any documents configured for a different size paper (A4, tabloid, or other non-standard size) may have problems printing and cause the print job to error and cease printing until the job is deleted.  Contact the Help Desk at (871-7777 or x7777) for assistance.

Having trouble using GoPrint? or GoPrint does not show my print job?

Are you logged in?

Enter your Millersville username and password at the login prompt after you select your print job. Please note that if you step up to a computer that is already logged in and try to print, GoPrint will not recognize you as the owner of that print job, but rather the student who is already logged in. Always be sure to logout when you leave and if you find a machine already logged in, logout and login again with your credentials.

Are you using PrintAnywhere?

How It Works on the Web - you pick a 4 digit release code and user your myVille UserID. At the GoPrint Release Station be sure to login with your myVille UserID and Password.

Supported File Formats:

Maximum file size: 50MB

Is the GoPrint station not responding?

Contact the Help Desk at (717) 871-7777 and the next available technician will visit the lab.