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Campus Cable TV

Common Problems:

Missing Channels

There are two scenarios that typically cause missing channels. The most likely problem is that your TV is set to antenna instead of CATV.  This can easily be fixed by going into your TV settings and changing the appropriate option from antenna to CATV.

The second is scanning for channels.  Your TV has a scan feature which will search for all available channels. While every TV is different, this feature is typically found under settings or menu and may be in a sub-menu called channels. If given the option between analog, digital or both, select both or digital. Once you have performed a scan you should have all available channels.

If you’re still not getting channels you can contact the Help Desk at (717)871-7777.

Older and Incompatible TVs

The cable TV system is digital and requires TVs that have clear QAM digital tuners. Tube TVs and TVs that do not have clear QAM tuners will not work.

Brands that often DO NOT have clear QAM tuners: 

  • Element
  • Seiki
  • Westinghouse

If you have a TV that does not meet the necessary requirements you can use the external tuner/cable box listed below, which is available from Amazon.

iView 3500STBII 

Instructions for setting up the iView 3500STBII at Millersville University

Broken Cable TV Jack

Contact the Help Desk at (717)871-7777.

Channel Guide
3.3 Residence Life Cinema
21.1 CBS WJZ
15.1 CW WLYH
54.1 - .9 Channel Guide
55.1 - .9 Channel Guide
56.1 NBC WGAL 
56.2 CBS WHP
56.5 CW WLYH
56.6 To be determined.
56.8 To be determined.
56.9 CNN
57.1 FOX News
57.2 Bloomberg
57.3 CNBC World
57.4 CSPAN
57.5 CSPAN 2
57.6 Link TV
57.7 TBS
57.8 TNT
57.9 A&E
58.1 F/X
58.2 HGTV
58.3 Food Network
58.4 Comedy Central
58.5 E! Entertainment
58.6 Cartoon Network
58.7 Nickelodeon
58.8 Teen Nick
58.9 TV Land
59.1 Animal Planet
59.2 Sportsman Channel
59.3 TV Guide Network
59.4 The Weather Channel
59.5 MTV 2
59.6 TV One
59.7 Spike
59.8 Lifetime
59.9 OWN
60.1 Oxygen
60.2 LOGO
60.3 Daystar
60.4 EWTN
60.5 The Word Network
60.6 Church Channel
60.7 Univision
60.8 V-Me
60.9 NRB
61.1 HITN
61.2 Syfy
61.3 Cloo
61.4 ION Television
61.5 Travel Channel
61.6 TLC
61.7 National Geographic
61.8 Nat Geo Wild
61.9 American Heroes Channel (Military)
62.1 Discovery Channel
62.2 History Channel
62.3 H2
62.4 Science Channel
62.5 Ovation
62.6 Audience
62.7 Biography Channel
62.8 Hallmark Channel
62.9 AMC
64.1 MTVU
68.1 HBO HD
68.2 HBO West HD
69.1 HBO 2 HD
69.2 HBO 2 West HD
70.1 HBO Comedy HD
70.2 HBO Family East HD
71.1 HBO Latino HD
71.2 HBO Signature East HD
72.1 HBO Zone East HD
72.2 5 Star Max HD
73.1 Action Max HD
73.2 Cinemax HD
74.1 More Max HD
74.2 Thriller Max HD
75.1 Movie MAX HD
75.2 ESPN HD
76.1 ESPN 2 HD
76.2 ESPN News HD
77.1 NFL Network HD
77.2 MLB Network HD
78.1 NHL Network HD
78.2 NBA TV HD
79.1 NBC Sports Network HD
79.2 CBS Sports Network HD
80.1 Big Ten Network HD
80.2 Fox Sports 1 HD
81.1 Fox Sports 2 HD
81.2 USA HD
82.1 ABC Family HD
82.2 Disney HD
83.1 BET HD
83.2 MTV HD
84.1 VH1 HD
84.2 CMT HD
85.1 Jewish Life  HD
85.2 Bravo HD
86.1 BBC America HD
99.1 MUTV
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